What’s Wrong with Senator Mary Landrieu?

April 30, 2014


Leon Puissegur

Senator Mary Landrieu is now presenting ideas that just do not make sense especially when one considers what her “JAZZ PAC” does.  Senator Landrieu says she is for the right to bear arms, but has voted For the United Nations Small Arms Treaty, which would have forced registration of all weapons large and small of anyone who owned a weapon!  But it does not stop here.  Senator Mary Landrieu has stated she supports the Second Amendment while giving campaign contributions to those whom oppose the Second Amendment and guns, people like, Harry Reid, Barbara Boxer, Diane Feinstein, and the list goes on.  (See – http://www.opensecrets.org/orgs/recips.php?id=D000026738 ) The names on this list reflect those on the Opensecrets.com web site.


Senator Mary Landrieu has stated that she supports the Keystone Pipeline, but if one goes on to read an article, which shows that, what Senator Landrieu says is not at all what is true.  In one such article, it shows that Senator Landrieu says she is with the idea of the Keystone Pipeline while supporting those opposed to the Pipeline!

(See – http://beforeitsnews.com/libertarian/2013/12/la-senate-landrieus-pac-backs-anti-oil-democrats-2542990.html )

This article states very clearly, “Sen. Mary Landrieu (D-LA) wants her constituents to believe that she is a different kind of Democrat, one who supports her home state’s oil and gas industry, which accounts for nearly a tenth of its economy.  But a recent Wall Street Journal report noted that Landrieu’s political action committee has given tens of thousands of dollars to help elect anti-oil and anti-gas Democrats:

Behind the scenes, however, Ms. Landrieu has been working just as hard to make sure she’s irrelevant. Through the auspices of JAZZ PAC, her leadership political action committee, she has from 2006 to 2012 contributed some $380,000 to re-elect some of the most ardent Senate opponents of the oil and gas industry. One result is a bloc of liberal members who easily cancel out Ms. Landrieu’s votes and guarantee the defeat of legislation designed to help Louisiana.”

(See – http://beforeitsnews.com/libertarian/2013/12/la-senate-landrieus-pac-backs-anti-oil-democrats-2542990.html )

Just how in the world can Senator Mary Landrieu be seemingly such a strong advocate of Oil in Louisiana while “Supporting” the most “Anti-Oil” Senators in the Senate?  This one item must make one wonder just what else is Senator Mary Landriue doing that does nothing at all to help the people of Louisian?  We did not mention her $300million dollar “payoff” to vote for Obamacare, The Afordable Care Act, and she even stood up and repeated the lies of Obama saying no one would lose their Doctor or Hospitals!

Noqw we see a very new Political Action Committee striking at Rep. Bill Cassidy, and only after it was revealed that the Senate Majoprity PAC was supported by former New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg and he gave this PAC some $2,500,000 in money to this PAC that came out and attacked the front runner, Rep. Bill Cassidy.  (See –     http://www.opensecrets.org/pacs/lookup2.php?cycle=2014&strID=C00484642)

Now we have to question this since it now seems that a brand new Political Action Committee, called, Patriot Majority, has begun attacking Rep. Bill Cassidy, but here this PAC cannot be found since it is so very new and this has to make one wonder why this is?  We see the ads about the Koch Brothers and have to wonder just who they are, well, to give a very brief idea of who they are, they do have lots of money as stated, but they also “Support” the Second Amendment and the right to own guns!  It is now very questionable if Senator Mary Landrieu does since she can say she does but at the same time, she gives money to those whom “oppose” the right to own guns and she gets help from Bloomberg one of the most Anti-gun people in the United States!

Yes, we have to ask these questions and please pass this on so that the Good People of Louisiana, from all walks of life will know that Senator Mary Landrieu is very much like having a Fox in the hen house!  We do not need an individual who sits on the Energy commission but sends money to those whom oppose what she says she supports!  This is perhaps just one of the many things that is wrong with Senator Mary Landrieu!



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