When is enough Enough?

January 8, 2012

After reading numerous articles on the so-called recess appointments we witnessed recently, I could not just let it go as so many others are willing to do. Sooner or later you just have to say no more! I pray the later doesn’t come too late for the many Americans with their eyes wide shut. I penned this letter expressly for our Louisiana Reps. and Senators but have been informed it will be sent nation wide. Before anyone critiques my writing skills, I’m not a writer but a ticked off citizen demanding action. The time for words and hand slapping is over, its do or die as a nation right now.
Disclaimer: This is strictly my beliefs and may in no way be construed as those of LouisianaConservstive,com

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Dear Senators and Representatives of the great State of Louisiana

This letter is in regards to Senator David Vitter’s statement concerning the recent unconstitutional “recess” appointments made by President Obama. First and foremost I wish to thank Sen. Vitter for his public response. Secondly Ladies and Gentlemen, these words are falling on deaf ears in this Administration and I ask you, when is enough ENOUGH? Webster’s defines enough as: occurring in such quantity, quality, or scope as to fully meet demands, needs, or expectations. Has our President not met or surpassed this definition in terms of his unconstitutional actions?

Regardless of the reasoning we hear coming from the White House on these appointments, we know as you do that they are bogus and designed to target and pacify the rumblings of the conservative right while reassuring the obedient left that all is good. Now, let me define, enough is enough: a phrase indicating exasperation and a determination to stop or change something. My Senators and Representatives, the people of not only Louisiana but the entire United States have had enough!

Now is the time, when you return to Washington, to set aside any and all pending legislation.Take no action nor move on any requests from OUR White House until a collective few with “enough”, there’s that word again, testicular fortitude, demands a congressional investigation into every decision, every appointment made by President Obama. Are there any willing to risk their positions for the future of our nation? Is the GOP truly afraid of this Administration or the backlash you may cause by demanding what the citizens ASK for? Can those that put you in office safely assume that you have been nurtured by power and money?

There is another side to this coin and that is the positive effects your actions will bring back to the GOP. Something lost through the years that are at your fingertips yet you just will not reach a little further. It’s called the Independent Voters. Could you possibly imagine the outcome of the November election if you listened to the citizens that trusted you with our House? Congress has been labeled a do nothing Congress by our President on national TV. Prove to President Obama that you are a CAN DO Congress not with mere words of rebuke but with investigative actions and results.

Every day, millions of Americans get up, go to work and do their job . We ASK that you do yours as well. Who among you will step up and take whatever actions necessary to defend Louisiana and our dying nation from the greatest threat we have ever faced, The White House. Elections have consequences and the unwillingness or inability to act will tell the tale.

Sincerely, Mark Parham
Lake Charles, La.
Citizen of Louisiana and the United States of America, a dying breed.

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