When “so-called” Conservative media outlets become devisive and derogatory, we ALL lose.

February 20, 2013

by Mark Parham


When you believe in something and have an opinion on it, you have the right to voice that opinion, whether right or wrong, without being derided or ridiculed by someone that is known to be overly opinionated themselves. We already have to deal with the Democrats doing everything in their power to limit our rights, why must we also have to deal with any so-called conservatives playing the same game. Who is to say which belief is right? It’s a persons opinions on certain issues that defined their individuality. Does that mean opinions can not be changed? Of course they can, the last decade or so of elections have answered that question to the point that the majority of voters have allowed their opinions to be formed by the media. Was it by accident? No. Why can’t we as conservatives build that kind of a power house information outlet without degrading one another?

Now I do not care if you are a conservative or a liberal and I do not care if you voted for or against President Obama (your choice, your opinion), what I do care about is the future of our country and the doctrine on which it was designed. How were the last two presidential elections won? From a Conservative standpoint, some will say media compliance and others will say the media was bought and paid for. I think we all know it was a little of both but mostly it was a media that has bought into the ideology of the progressive movement and turned their back on our founding documents. Good or bad, right or wrong, law abiding or criminally intent, every citizen is protected by certain rights. Who are we to say a person has giving up their rights? Have we become interpreters of our Bill of Rights? If I do not agree with you does that make my opinion right? By the same token, if you do not agree with me does that make your opinion right? What happened to agreeing to disagree because we see things differently instead of going on a one-sided derogatory tangent? That certainly will turn off readers as well as entire blocs of people so named in such an article.

A few prime examples of what I am talking about, who is right, who is wrong, agree to disagree, one comes from a local piece done in Louisiana concerning the outcome of Chris Dorner and another from none other than a national group known as “The Tea Party Patriots”.

In the first example, Quoting the writer,“Tear gas, whether it starts a fire or not, is the best method for finishing the incident. It gets Dorner out of the cabin and into the open. Where yes, he’s going to be shot.

But if you’re going to arrest and Mirandize him as the Tea Party Dorner Fanboy Club laments not having been done here, shooting him and taking him down is the only option available. Taking him down, disarming him, arresting him and transporting him under guard to the hospital is the only way that incident ends without further loss of life.

Because he’ll kill more cops if you storm that cabin. And after he’s already killed one, it’s time to put an end to his adventure.

But Dorner never came out of that cabin. By appearances, he shot himself instead.

And if that’s true, are we really supposed to lament the loss of Chris Dorner’s trial? The one he wanted no part of?

The fact is, Chris Dorner was insane. He was a bad police officer who was destined to be removed from the force regardless of what happened with respect to his claim of police brutality by his commanding officer – and because he Lost A Job he felt himself justified in killing four people and wounding four more.

But while Dorner was insane, what’s most discouraging is that people who are reputedly not insane are using nonsensical, almost masturbatory constitutional arguments against how his story ended.

That’s scary. Because if we can’t agree that Chris Dorner got exactly what he deserved and probably what he wanted, we’ll never agree on anything again.


The second, from the Tea Party Patriots was the recent mass email that went out on Tuesday, March 19th that depicted Republican strategist Karl Rove dressed as a Nazi SS officer.This was a blatant and disrespectful attempt to avenge the actions Mr. Rove has taken lately regarding the Tea Party candidates. I receive emails from TP Patriots and was not amused and very disappointed with the tactics employed by TP Patriots.


The Tea Party Patriots have since apologized but the damage was done. Not only to Mr. Rove but to the Tea Party Patriots as well. To say that the image was added to the email by an outside person and they had no knowledge of it being in the email is lame and inexcusable to say the least. Do you know what is in an email you send? I do and I’m responsible for every line.

We at Louisianaconservative.com and our sister sites at Conservativefifty.com strive to bring articles of a higher morale based solely on conservative constitutional values. So, do we respect each anothers opinions, right or wrong, and work as Conservatives to strengthen our media outlets to reach more people with the message of Conservatism and American Exceptionalism or must we not only battle against the liberal main stream media but ourselves as well? The last two major elections were won by a strong coalition of the media. We must strive for that same camaraderie in sharing our message and cease the personal attacks and smears simply because of a difference of opinion.

Stand up


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