Where are the Democrats taking our country?

August 8, 2011

Where are the Democrats trying taking our country and how are they going to achieve it? The democrats claim to be for the working man and the poor but what does this mean and are they protecting their right to the free use of their abilities to improve their lives or are they restricting them? Let’s delve into the actions and tactics of the democrats and then maybe these questions can be answered.

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If you ask any democrat what their vision for America is and what America would be like if they do achieve it you get vague answers. They will deflect the question with poll tested phrases like social justice or supposed rights to this or that. How are we to get to this imaginary place and how will we know when we get there if we do not know where there is? The democrats cannot be honest in describing their vision because it is not a very pretty place. Despite no clear vision its full speed ahead to get there.

What is the democrat’s strategy to achieve this perfect society they seek? Their strategy goes back at least to the Progressive Era of Woodrow Wilson when progressivism was ascending. Tactically, you get what you can while you’re riding high so democrats in 1913 pushed through the 16th and 17th amendment, created the Federal Reserve and set the ground work for progressive public education. As their popularity waned with the influence of communists in the labor movement they changed tactics and worked to deceive the people and build upon the gains they had made. How did this deception happen? They simply exchanged liberal for progressive. A word game they still used today.

Norman Thomas (co-founder of the ACLU and 6 time Socialist candidate for President), stated and I paraphrase, that under liberalism America would adopt every tenet of socialism. Along with another founding member of the ACLU, John Dewey (the father of progressive education), the democrats began their quest to make real their idea of Utopia. To achieve this, the domination of three key areas was needed and liberals worked behind the scene to make them ready when needed.

The first and most important of the three keys is primary and secondary education. By using John Dewey’s theories the progressives patiently and slowly constricted the noose around the minds of future generation to build a new social order (George Counts – The Social Frontier), by changing what is taught through the revision of text books and controlling who can teach through certification. The results are obvious that the goal of effectively dumbing the populace down has been achieved. The 1960’s ushered in the campus radicals to do the same in higher education. This also has been achieved. With key one achieved, the populace in now ready to receive the second key.

The second key is distraction. This is accomplished by the liberal dominance in Hollywood through politically correct sitcoms, television shows and propaganda disguised as movies. In the 1940’s people like Ronald Reagan working as the president of the screen writer’s guild tried to root the communist out with some success. Today they control the industry and proudly proclaim themselves liberal. With key two achieved, the implementation of the third key which completes the trifecta which they hope will usher in this imaginary Utopia.

The third and final key is controlling the dissemination of information the people receive. This is achieved through the media. Few thinking people would argue that the liberals control the major media outlets in both print and television and are biased towards the democrats acting as a fifth column for them. Liberal dominance in this key area has been fractured by talk radio and the internet and they are livid about it as evidenced by their reaction to it. Proposed laws to reinstitute “the fairness doctrine” is but one avenue used in the attempt to silence any information that is contrary to the liberal dogma. This fracture shows how important these keys are to their goals and also shows how vulnerable they are once taken from them. Sun Tzu states “force your enemy to react and you enemy will expose its weaknesses” so when liberals are forced to react to the new media they exposes their weaknesses. This fracture allowed the conservative view to be exposed to millions of American citizens and the Tea Party Movement was born.

All three keys use the time tested democrat tactic of class warfare which by the way is straight out of the Communist Manifesto. The value to democrats in the use of class warfare is in the division of the American people by purposely getting one group of citizens to hate another. This serves two useful purposes for the democrats. First it divides the people and redirects their anger away from politicians and towards other groups democrats what to demonize for political expediency. Second it gets people to do the bidding for the democrats and thus deflecting the blame away from themselves. A recent example of this is the demonization of those evil corporate jet and yacht owners. The money democrats would receive from this if successful would run the government for maybe 30 minutes. The money is not where the value is, the value is getting Americans to hate other Americans so they can be plundered and the plundering will not be those jet owners because that’s not where the money is it is with those stirred up to hate them. This corporate jet and yacht tax will do nothing but put the very people they claim to protect (the working man) in the unemployment line. This is just where they want them, dependent on the democrats.

Sun Tzu’s principles need to be applied to the other two keys starting with education. The education juggernaut must be broken if our country is to survive. The proper education of our future generations in our founding ideals, principles and philosophies, natural rights and liberties and what they mean, the American civic structure and our responsibilities to it including a proper and truthful understanding of what our Constitution is and means, what a civil society is and what it means to live in it, the truth about our history both good and bad in its proper historical context and the proper understanding of the principles of free market economics and of finances. These subjects are as important as math, science and english are for the survival of our nation.

So what will this perfect society look like? No one knows because it’s imaginary, but one thing is for sure, it will involve the controlling of all wealth by the ruling class of liberal democrat elitists. I have a good idea of what it will look like but I will leave it to your imagination.

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