Where is justice in the Casey Anthony trial?

July 6, 2011

I didn’t watch the Casey Anthony trial.  It wasn’t because I wasn’t interested so much as I was convinced she’d get a guilty verdict and either spend the rest of her life in jail or be put down like a dog.  I really was surprised by the ‘not guilty’ verdict.  Maybe there wasn’t the necessary proof for the charge.  Maybe the jurors just weren’t convinced.  I don’t know but we all know she’s not innocent.

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I got into a discussion about this with a friend on Facebook.  I was supposed to pray for her soul?  I didn’t.  I prayed for justice and I, along with millions of others, don’t believe justice was served.  So when will Casey receive the justice she deserves?  Who will administer that justice?  I can rest assured that God will serve her justice but He’s much more forgiving than I.

So I pondered that thought and was gently reminded that it is God’s place to administer justice and that sin is sin and it all deserves death. God does not grade sin on a curve.  Whether your sin is murder or a simple white lie, the penalty is still death.  We know that to be true according to the Scriptures.  Ultimately, it is God whom we sin against; therefore, He is the one to administer His judgment.  His forgiveness was made possible through Christ and that’s where Casey may get out of punishment again.  Sure, there are consequences to what she did.  She’ll never lead a normal life.  She’ll get rich off of her story and how she was a victim of the media and, most likely, her family.  But she’ll know what she did and she has to live with that.  And the public will judge her and shun her as they should.

This wasn’t meant to be a sermon.  It’s meant to say that while God does have every right to administer punishment for sin, we have a court system for a reason.  Murderers shouldn’t get to walk free among us while waiting for God’s judgment.  We must remove those people from society lest they do it again and there must be some consequences for actions especially when those actions affect others.  I’m disappointed that she got away with murder.  I’m more than disappointed, I’m pissed.

So what went wrong in the Casey Anthony trial?  Why didn’t she get what she deserved?  Florida is not a state who is afraid to convict murders nor are they afraid to execute them.  Well done, Florida!  All the defense had to do was place ‘reasonable doubt’ in the minds of the jurors.  The offense had to prove beyond reasonable doubt that she is guilty.  How the hell do you do that when everyone is lying?  The dad, the mom and Casey are a family of liars.  And if they are all liars then how do you know who did it?  Maybe it really was the dad as some news agencies suggest.  Maybe George is the guilty one.  The evidence they had could also be applied to him as the guilty party.  And now that I think about it, I’m more and more convinced that it could have been him more likely than Casey.  Maybe she’s been covering for him the whole time.  Maybe Casey really is innocent and the reason she’s so screwed up in the head is because of her parents.

I’m sure God has His hands full with this one but only He knows and He will provide what is necessary in the long run.  No sin goes unpunished or so my mother used to say.

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