Wherefore Art Thou, Hypocrite?

March 22, 2011

After spending 8 years hammering George Bush for starting two wars, many on the American Left Wing have very little to say about the war on Libya. If William Shakespeare would look at the American Left, I suppose his most famous line would be:

“Hypocrite, oh Hypocrite, wherefore art thou, Hypocrite? Deny thy father Obama and refuse thy party.”

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There are a few exceptions of course, as much as I disagree with Dennis Kucinich, his beliefs in what he thinks is good for the country supercedes his belief in one man. Or more aptly put, Dennis Kucinich puts loyalty to country above that loyalty to a political party.

I was, and still am, a supporter of Iraq and Afghanistan. I am an easy sell on going to war with Libya. President Obama is my President and I want to stand by my country. I am by no means a fan of the leader of Libya. He doesn’t know how to dress, he’s has more ways to spell his name than any person could possibly need, and yes, he’s a dictator. I almost have no reason to want to see Moammar Gadhafi remain in power. Well, almost no reason.

I am cautious about two things. Who is the next leader and how do we wage this war. The first concern is by removing Gadhafi, who replaces him? What troubles has Moammar Gadhafi caused the United States in the last 20 years? Yes he insults the United States, but at the same time, Gadhafi has been a mere critic of the United States but has not dared to step over the line. Saddam Hussein invaded Kuwait, which led to our military actions under the first President Bush. He threatened to kill President Bush. President Clinton bombed Iraq, and finally, President Bush sent our troops in to remove Hussein from power. Yet, what trouble has Gadhafi caused the United States to warrant our military action? Like most Americans, I want Gadhafi gone, but..

Be careful what you wish for, your wish may come true.

Would we much rather replace Gadhafi with somebody like Saddam Hussein? Do we get to decide who the next leader of Libya is, or do we leave that in the hands of the radical Muslim Brotherhood? Sometimes the devil you know is much better than the devil you don’t know. Should we risk giving power to people who cheered as the twin towers collapsed and yelled ‘Allah Akbar’? Is it wise of us to give aid to those people who have swore to bring down the United States?

The second concern I have is how do we remove him from power? Certainly there are plenty of options on the table and with the Arab world, perhaps it’s better to do no more than agreed upon. There’s a saying in the Middle East, and those are words we should heed.

I am with my brother against his cousin, but I am with my cousin against his enemy.

We have an agreement that we would enforce the ‘no fly zone’, which would prohibit the Libyan government from using aircraft fighters against their people. Still, we ought to be cautious with the extent of our involvement in the Middle East. Would it not be better to see them fighting amongst their selves on their soil rather than to see them united and fighting against the United States? Shouldn’t we explain to the people in the Middle East why it’s justified to attack a country in the Middle East?

More over, shouldn’t we explain to both Congress and to the families of the soldiers we send over there why we should put the lives of our men and women on the line? If our actions are justifiable, there will still be critics of the war, but I would not be one of them.

Instead of being sold the war, I sense that I am being forced a free sample that I did not want, and forced to buy into a war. I simply can not buy into a war that I can not explain the necessity of to my own family, much less to the family of a fallen soldier.

Which brings me back to those wonderful hypocrites who took to the streets condemning Bush for the last eight years, calling him a “Liar”, a “War Criminal”, and even calling him a “Nazi”. Where are you now? The silence is deafening. I can not understand our actions in Libya, and I want to hear from those who condemned the Iraq war and now stand silent. I want to know why Libya is a bigger threat than Iraq? Why should you stay silent now when the President would not even consult Congress prior to our actions, but even though Bush did, you condemned him? If you will not condemn, nor explain our actions in Libya, why should we trust anything you have to say ever again?

Are you blinded by your greed and it causes you to be too busy protesting for your perceived “Right” to reach into the taxpayer cookie jar like those in Wisconsin? Where are your protest? Where is your vomiting in the streets? Where are your signs dressing the President up as Hitler? Where are your signs stating “No Blood For Oil”? I would love to know why Iraq is unjustified, but Libya is. For those critics of the Iraq war who do protest the war in Libya, I appreciate your conviction, if even though I disagree. As for the rest, wherefore art thou, Hypocrite?


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