Where’s my Aricept

April 3, 2009

Not making fun of dementia or Alzheimer’s. In fact, I’m dealing with dementia with my father (it sucks). Anyhoo, if I were a politician, I would automatically claim to be taking Aricept for memory problems. In fact, I would demand the prescribed it to me in case….well…in case a problem ever arises. If I were a politician in say, Louisiana, problems with my Aricept prescription would be a likely defense. Say for instance…
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Freezer dilemma: What freezer? I don’t own a freezer. Oh…that freezer. What money? Oh, you see, sometimes I forget where I put stuff. My prescription of Aricept had run out and I was confused. You see, I was on the way to the bank and got confused and accidently put the money in the freezer instead.

Pebble Beach dilemma: What trip to Pebble Beach? Oh…I go there so much I forgot who I went with and who paid for it. Oh that airplane. Gosh, I forgot to pick up my Aricept on the way to the airport. I can’t even recall who I stayed with while we were there.

Hawaii dilemma: Which trip to Hawaii? You see, I go there so much I often forget completely about the trips and all the pictures we took are the only way I remember. As to where we stay and who paid…fugetaboutit! That trip paid for by an employee, as my fuzzy memory recollects, the line at the pharmacy was too long so I went without my prescription of Aricept.

Now I’m not a lawyer, nor do I play one on my radio show or my blog…but Aricept would be a fabulous defense.

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