Who Can Replace Beck?

April 10, 2011

With it now public knowledge that Fox News will soon be ending the hit show, “The Glenn Beck Program”, the question on many minds (after either a period of rejoice or mourning, depending on whether or not you’re a fan of the provocative Glenn Beck) is who will carry on the torch and fill the soon to be vacant spot? I’ve heard many names bantered about, some seriously some in gest; Donald Trump, Jon Voight, Ron Paul, and Herman Cain are amongst a few. But none of these, in my opinion, have a chance. There are a few people, however, that I do believe are worth some serious consideration.

The first name that comes to mind for many, myself included, is 2008 Republican Vice-presidential nominee and TEA Party icon, Sarah Palin. With a devout following compiled of much of the same supporters as Beck, Palin would avoid losing much, if any, of the current audience allowing the network to continue receiving the colossal ratings they have become accustomed to. Palin is likely to bring in a new set of viewers as well in the form of stay-at-home moms and those curious to see if the pseudo-celebrity has what it takes to host a serious news program. Additionally, her waning 2012 poll numbers are bound to be in the back of her mind as she contemplates the next stage of her life.

Another probable choice is former New Jersey Superior Court Judge, Andrew Napolitano. Already familiar to the Beck audience through his numerous occasions filling in for the controversial talker, Napolitano has much of the same style and interests as Beck but without the negative name connotation. Additionally, Napolitano is an undisputed expert on the constitution, a regular subject on the now infamous show. One last advantage is that Napolitano already has a show being ran on the Fox Business Network, so all producers would have to do is roll the format over to their main network.

Veteran news reporter and libertarian activist John Stossel could be a longshot choice to fill the slot. Stossel, like Beck, has recently become known for his investigatory reports into areas such as government corruption and waste, so he should easily be able to slide into the soon to be vacated slot without much of a format change. Additionally, Stossel’s high name recognition could be a bright spot because for advertising. The one thing that would likely hurt Stossel more than anything is the fact that he is agnostic; this would not sit well with the mostly religious audience Beck now enjoys.

While Fox will never be able to fully recreate what Beck has become, they at least have a framework of what the American People are yearning for. And, as long as the station doesn’t simply create yet another mundane, news program but instead keeps the show edifying and provocative with a solid host the five-o’clock hour could remain an area of discussion for years to come.


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