Who Doesn’t Like Jindal?

February 24, 2007

Apparently this guy doesn’t like Jindal. I know who the person who runs this site is and I won’t tell you much more than to say that he really isn’t for Kathleen Blanco either. If he was, he’s really going against his beliefs. Though this site does not endorse a Republican when another Republican is in the race, it does not prevent its writers from supporting a candidate.

So in that spirit, let’s talk about which of the current candidates would be the idea of a good Governor. When you vote, I’m asking you to think which candidates best suit your ideas, not who you plan on voting for. Safely vote your conscience. You may also be wondering why I left KBB off this poll, but if you realistically think she’s been a good governor, you don’t deserve to vote, at least not in this poll.


Which candidate would be your ideal Governor?
Bobby Jindal
Foster Campbell
Walter Boasso
Tony Gentile
T. Lee Horne III
Hardy Parkenson
John Kennedy
Raymond Brown
John Georges

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