Who is buying all the guns? And why?

January 26, 2013

by Mark Parham

I’ll get to answering the question soon enough but as someone that has had the pleasure of working nearly every gun show in Lake Charles, La., I have also had the pleasure to meet some interesting folks. You see, every show we ( the swlateaparty ) have a table there to meet the patrons and distribute literature relevant to what may be going on in that particular time frame. Nealy every show draws in the regular crowd of folks and often many simply give our table a quick glance and move on to firearms. Then there are those that see our banner, roll their eyes and shake their head and move on. It’s not that they approve or disapprove of what the tea party stands for, it’s mostly because they just do not know. This also tends to give an idea into people’s political ideologies and helps us tailor our needs to reach out in a better fashion.

The recent gun show on January 5th and 6th was like no other I ever worked in the past two years. I think every vendor knew it was going to be different because of President Obama’s threats of Executive Orders and Sen. Diane Feinstein’s promise of introducing her gun ban bill. It proved to be just that and more. As we prepared for the 9am opening on the 5th, I walked outside and took in the massive, eager crowd waiting patiently to get in. There was no fighting or rioting, only concerned Americans looking to exercise their 2nd Amendment Right while they still can enjoy it. There were no distinguishing signs of party affiliation between patrons. There was nothing that would suggest this was an angry “Old White Republican” event which has never been the case.



As the doors opened and people made their way into the room, it wasn’t long till we were meeting tons of new people interested in what the tea party was doing about this attack on our Second Amendment Rights. As we handed out information on Feinstein’s proposed legislation, most people wanted to know what actions citizens could take to counter its absurdity. Naturally the first line of defense is a great offense and the answer to their question was phone calls and emails to their US Congressmen and Senators, voicing their feeling in a polite, professional manner while being forcefully adamant about Constitutional Rights of American Citizens. Many of the people I personally spoke with, asking them why they were at the gun show, were there out of fear of what our government might do. For many of these folks, it was their first gun show experience and they would definitely be back. It was also their first experience talking to someone associated with any tea party and you know what, many realized we are no different than them in what we want for America.






This show was a sobering experience, if not a wake-up call for many people who have for the most part neglected the political arena and chose to allow others worry about it. I think, from talking with many that visited our table, this idiotic attack on law abiding citizens rights was the eye opener needed to bring them out of political hibernation and bring them into the realization that many of us were already aware of. The opportunity thrust on them by an Administration hellbent on shredding our Constitution and our God given Rights. The sobering realization that it’s not a Democratic or Republican battle but a battle with an elitist ruling class that has lost touch, long ago, with the American dream of our Founding Fathers.





So, who is buying all the guns? The guy you work with that does his job and goes home to his family. The lady you see once a week at the store. The neighbor that you never expected would become a gun owner. As you can tell in this picture, it’s GOOD people, from every political background and every social make-up, concerned about what bad people in Washington DC have in store for America’s future. I am not saying every elected official in DC is bad but the ones with good intentions are far out numbered and in over their heads.

Should we be concerned about this gun ban passing? Those in power care very little for “We the People” and they prove it over and over with the idiotic laws they pass or attempt to pass, yet the pressure we as conservative groups and individuals, focused at Democrat Congressmen and Senators up for reelection in 2014, will prove to shut down Feinstein’s bill.










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