Who is Really to BLAME?

August 5, 2011

Watching the stock market plunge by over 600 points almost directly AFTER Obama, Pelosi, Reid, Schumer, and the other Dummycrats said the Markets would fail IF the Debt Ceiling was not raised, makes me wonder just why does anyone trust these “leaders” and I have to use that term very loosely or I could be seen by some as being a friend to these CREEPS! Now just who is to blame NOW? Obama said that the Tsunami in Japan and the trembling of Italy, Germany, Spain , and England and then he had to include the problem began with George Bush! Isn’t it amazing that the day after the Debt Ceiling was raised the Stock Market began to fall and Thursday it fell by 512 points! Obama and the rest of the Democrats now blame the “Tea Party” for all this! I cannot help but wonder what type of drugs that they have in the water in Washington, D.C. because the Democrats blame anyone they can while the republicans blame the Democrats!
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Think about this for a moment, we, meaning you, me, and everyone that goes to Wal-Mart, buys objects made from China, Japan, Taiwan, India or anywhere BUT the United States! Look along the road while you drive and count the cars that are REALLY made here in the United States! I thought I had bought a good truck when I bought a Dodge because it was made here in the United States, well, I found out that the transmission was made in France! Go to ANY store and look at any item you wish, pick it up and see where it was made at, the chances are that this article was made in China! This is OUR problem that WE made by allowing all these products that we could make here, but is being made in China!

I know that many people reading this will say that I am crazy for saying this, but each and everyone of us are to blame for the failure of the United States! It is up to, “WE THE PEOPLE” to turn this around by buying items and products made here in the United States! It is “WE THE PEOPLE” of the United States that should stand up and say without reserve, this failure is not because of what our Congress or President did, it is because we buy items and products made overseas and then “TELL” our Congress and President that, “WE THE PEOPLE” need the Government to bail us out because “WE THE PEOPLE” of the United States turned our back upon our own nation!

There is enough blame for everyone to share and factually speaking, it began with President Ronald Reagan when he eliminated the Tariffs on all imports making the items and products made overseas cheaper then anything we made here in the United States! Few realized back then that what President Ronald Reagan did was open up the floodgates that would force Congress to increase the Tax on corporations, forcing them to decide to move their operations over to India, China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, and any other country that could afford to pay their people pennies on the dollar for what was paid here in the United States!

Obama, Pelosi,Reid,Schumer and the others that just last week said, “The markets will crash if we do not raise the Debt Ceiling!” Yet once the deal was done late Tuesday, after the Markets closed everyone was happy, then the Market fell and then it kept on falling until Thursday when it fell by 513 points, just what they said would happen if the Debt Ceiling was not raised, did happen and now it seems it could have been connected almost directly to raising the Debt Ceiling! Now if any blame needs to be thrown around AFTER “WE THE PEOPLE” accept some of the responsibility because we bought all the trash from all the other countries and forgot that if we bought “Made In The USA”, (See My Earlier article), then we can throw some of this same blame to ALL of Congress and especially to Obama himself, the first President that has received TOTAL support from the COMMUNIST PARTY!!!

There is a lot of blame to be thrown around and before “WE THE PEOPLE” begin pointing our nimble fingers at any party, or any one in particular, look at the items and products you bought just last week and see just how many are “Made In The USA”! All of us have a part in the failure of the markets during the past week, we ALL have contributed to the fall of these markets by buying anything NOT made in the USA! We are all to blame and until we decide that we would much rather support JOBS within our nation BEFORE we buy from another nation, we will NOT see jobs increase. We also have to let our Congress know, allow small taxes on Corporations so they can employ more of our neighbors and friends, the loss of the HIGH tax rates on Corporations would be made up by the number of new workers paying taxes.

Before any of us begin to blame anyone, let us look around our homes and see how many items and products we bought that were NOT made in the USA! If we do blame anyone, Obama must be included because he has done very little if anything to help private enterprise create jobs, he has also stopped oil production here in our nation and he has also caused at least 6 coal companies shut down due to his policies AGAINST the amount of energies we have available here within our nation, remember, our nation holds well OVER 2 TRILLION barrels of oil, that is more then any other nation on Earth has, our nation has more coal then the world has, and last but not least, our nation holds more Natural Gas then the entire world has, given all these facts, if we would open all these energy fields up, we would not need any foreign oil and we would have a very large number of jobs here! Once again, it is the people that have stopped this so we should stand up and say we have had enough, we will take the blame, but now our so-called leaders need to step up and begin to work on these and all other problems! So, Who IS really to Blame?

Reports outline bacterial meningitis study findings from S. Delerme and colleagues.(Clinical report)

TB & Outbreaks Week November 3, 2009 According to recent research from Paris, France, “Meningitis is uncommon in elderly patients in emergency department (ED). The characteristics of bacterial meningitis (BM) and nonbacterial meningitis (NBM) occurring in older patients are compared.” “A prospective multicenter study was conducted in the EDs of three teaching hospitals. Consecutive adult patients (n = 159) with a confirmed meningitis [cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) leukocyte count greater than 5 mm(3)] were included in this study. Eighteen consecutive patients (11%) aged more than or equal to 60 years (median age of 67 years) presenting with confirmed meningitis were included. In the older group, the prevalence of BM was higher than in the younger group (50% vs. 11%, P< 0.05). At admission in the ED, older patients experienced less typical symptoms of meningitis than the younger. Conversely, elderly patients presented more frequent signs of encephalitis. In older adults, CSF white blood cells count, CSF protein, and CSF/blood glucose ratio were different between NBM and BM. The causative species of BM were Streptococcus species other than pneumoniae in two episodes, and Streptococcus pneumoniae in two patients; the causative species of NBM were enterovirus in one episode, herpes simplex virus 1 in four (compared with the younger group, P< 0.05), and varicella zoster virus in one. The prevalence of BM was higher in the older group than in the younger," wrote S. Delerme and colleagues (see also Bacterial Meningitis). website symptoms of meningitis web site symptoms of meningitis

The researchers concluded: “Older patients experienced less typical symptoms of meningitis and more frequently signs of encephalitis, with a high prevalence of herpes simplex virus 1 meningitis.” Delerme and colleagues published their study in European Journal of Emergency Medicine (Meningitis in elderly patients. European Journal of Emergency Medicine, 2009;16(5):273-276).

For additional information, contact P. Ray, UPMC Paris 6, Service Accueil Urgences, Pitie Salpetriere Hospital, 47-86 Avenue Hopital, Paris, France.

Publisher contact information for the European Journal of Emergency Medicine is: Lippincott Williams & Wilkins, 530 Walnut St., Philadelphia, PA 19106-3621, USA.

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