Who should lead the Louisiana Senate?

September 17, 2011

Senator Robert Adley - District 36

What are your criteria for a good leader for the Louisiana Senate?

Despite the Republicans having a majority, a democrat, Senator Joel Chaisson, remains the President of the Senate.  Furthermore, the second highest position in the Senate, that of President Pro Tempore, remains in the hands of another democrat, Senator Sharon Weston Broome.

Given that the Republicans currently have a majority (56%) in the Louisiana Senate, and that majority is likely to remain or grow during the current election cycle, who should be the next President and President Pro Tempore of the Louisiana Senate?

What top conservative should steer Louisiana’s future from its dark, corrupt, cronyism past to a new, brighter, more ethical age.


The organizational session that will set the seats and the agenda for much of the next four years will convene at 10:00 a.m. on Monday, January 9, 2012 (Inauguration Day).  It will adjournment no later than Wednesday, January 11, 2012.

However, given the lack of competition for many of the House and Senate seats, the election campaign’s for the leadership positions have already begun.

So what criteria should we use to select our House and Senate leaders for the next four years?

How will we ensure that good solid conservatives will lead us, and not just repackaged democrats?

Criteria 1:  Experience – at least 5 years in the Senate

A good Senate leader must be experienced in the arcane parliamentary procedure used by the legislature.  Otherwise, parliamentary chicanery by the opposition will be used to defeat or neuter good legislation or to pass bad legislation.

Who can forget the chaos in Tucker’s House on May 4,  2010, when democrat Juan LaFonta managed to pass HCR 144 by a vote of 91-0 asking congress to investigate Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal for his ‘slow response’ to the Gulf Oil Spill.  Speaker Tucker was banging his gavel and waiving bills through without following the proper procedure of sending the bills and resolutions through committee first.  As a result, the House spend a chaotic day rescinding its inappropriate vote.

Picking the Senate leadership strictly on seniority would be a very bad practice. However, using a minimum experience criteria, we can narrow the field of candidates down.
There are currently 22 Republican Senator’s out of 39 Senate seats for a 5 seat majority (56.51%).  Of these, three are not running for reelection (Michot, Quinn, and Shaw) Sorted the list of experienced Senators, sorted by Final Term and then listed in alphabetic order, are:
No SENATOR First Elected Final Term
1 Michael J. “Mike” Michot 2000 2012
2 “Jody” Amedee
2004 2016
3 Julie Quinn 2005 2016
4 Robert Adley
2002 2016
5 Robert W. “Bob” Kostelka 2004 2016
6 Sherri Smith Cheek 2004 2016
7 A. G. Crowe 2008 2020
8 B. L. “Buddy” Shaw 2008 2020
9 Conrad Appel
2008 2020
10 Dale M. Erdey 2008 2020
11 Dan “Blade” Morrish (unopposed)
2008 2020
12 Dan Claitor
2009 2020
13 Daniel “Danny” Martiny
2008 2020
14 Gerald Long
2008 2020
15 Jack Donahue 2008 2020
16 John A. Alario, Jr. (unopposed)
2008 2020
17 John R. Smith
2008 2020
18 Mike Walsworth (unopposed)
2008 2020
19 Neil Riser
2008 2020
20 Norby Chabert (unopposed)
2010 2020
21 Fred H. Mills, Jr. (unopposed) 2011 2024
22 Jonathan W. Perry (unopposed)
2011 2024


So based on the 5 year criteria, my short list of candidates for the top leadership positions in the Senate can be narrowed down to four candidates: Amedee; Adley; Kostelka and Cheek.


The top tier candidates:

Senator Amedee - District 18

Senator Jody Amedee represents Senate District 18 which is comprised of Livingston, Ascension and St. James.

Until March 18, 2011, he was still a Democrat.  His Senate website biography even still lists him as a Democrat.

He lives in Gonzales with his wife, Jancy Berthelot, and their three children.  They are Catholic.  He is involved in coaching and leading boys Baseball, Basketball and Soccer.

He graduated from East Ascension High School, Nicholls State University, and Southern University Law Center.

He worked as an Assistant district Attorney handling juvenile matters in Ascension, St. James, Assumption Parishes.  He is a member of the Louisiana State Bar Association; the American Bar Association; the 23rd Judicial District Bar Association; Ducks Unlimited; the National Rifle Association (NRA); the National Wildlife Turkey Federation; and a supporter of 4-H.


Senator Robert Adley - District 36

Senator Robert Adley, represents Senate District 36 which is comprised of Bienville and Webster parishes and parts of Bossier, Clairborne and Red River Parishes..

His current wife is Claudia Henagan Adley.  He has one son from his first marriage to Dawn Womack – Dr. Brandon Adley, DVM.  They are United Methodists.

He switched to the Republican party in December 2007.

He graduated from Airline High School, Bossier City, Louisiana Tech University with an Associate Degree, and then NASD Securities License.

He was a Vietnam Veteran in the U.S. Marine Corps from 1965 to 1967. He was president of ABCO Petroleum from 1972 to 1993.  Since 1993 he owned Pelican Gas Management Company, Inc.

Senator "Bob" Kostelka - District 35

Senator Robert W. “Bob” Kostelka, represents Senate District 35 which is comprised of Jackson, Lincoln and Ouachita parishes.

He was married to Bobbie Ann Morales with whom he had four children.  He was widowed in 1983.  He is now married to Felicia Marie Danna and has one child with her.

They are Presbyterians.

He graduated from Byrd High School in Shreveport in 1951; and LSU School of law in 1957.  He was a Assistant District Attorney and District Attorney from 1964 to 1971.  Then he was a Louisiana District Judge since 1983; and was elected to the 2nd Circuit court of Appeal in 1998.

He is a member of the American Bar Association; Appellate Judges Association; the Louisiana Bar Association; the Fourth District Bar Association; the Salvation Army; Rotary Club; Boy Scouts of America; YMCA; National Rifle Association; Ducks Unlimited; and Bass Research Foundation.

Senator Sherri Smith Cheek, represents District 38 which is composed of De Soto parish.

Senator Sherri Smith Cheek - District 38

She is a Baptist.

She graduated from Southwood High School, Shreveport;  Centenary College in Shreveport, and Louisiana State University in Shreveport.

She was the legislative assistant to Senator Ron Bean from 1992 to 2003.  She is the managing partner of Family owned rental business from 1988 to the present.

She is a member of the Shreveport Chamber of Commerce; the DeSoto Parish Chamber of Commerce; Southern Hills Business Association; Leadership Shreveport; National Wild Turkey Federation and Women in the Outdoors.


Criteria 2:  Voted against SB 475 by Quinn in 2010.

In 2010, Senator Julie Quinn outed herself as an extreme liberal intent on passing legislation benefitting herself financially while harming the State of Louisiana and the citizens of the state of Louisiana.  The key bill being her draconian measure being her attempt to criminalize child support if the payor was a “day late or a dollar short” –  SB 475 of the regular 2010 session.

Only the following 9 Senators voted against this extremist legislation.  Senators Adley; Dorsey; Morrish; Claitor; Erdey; Mount; Crowe; Kostelka and Thompson.

As such, these legislators took a stand against an overt corrupt move by a fellow Republican.  This shows both courage and leadership on their part.

The Republicans in the House, under the leadership of Representative Hunter Greene, Representative Harrison and Representative Wooten then terminated this bad legislation and several other bad legislative efforts by Senator Quinn.

So that reduces our short list to two candidates:  Senators Adley and Kostelka.

Criteria 3:  A businessperson, not a lawyer.

In today’s depressed economic climate, the state needs to focus primarily on business and not on law and order.

Criteria 4:  No recent party switchers.

A number of members of the Senate switched over to the Republican party during the last year.  Senators such as Alario and Amedee.  While they may be sincere in their party switch, one cannot help but suppose that they switched parties because they are seeking to remain in power now that the Democratic party has lost power.  The party should elect leaders in the Senate who have been solid conservative Republicans for at least three years.


Preferred candidate for President of the Senate

Therefore, of the potential candidates for President of the Senate, my candidate would be Senator Robert Adley,


Preferred candidate for President Pro Tempore of the Senate:

My selection for President Pro-Tempe of the Senate would be Senator Robert W. “Bob” Kostelka

Second tier candidates.

Although they have not been in the Senate long enough in my view to be considered for the top leadership positions, the following Senators should be considered for leadership positions to determine if they will continue to shine.

Senator A. G. Crowe led a noble effort to oppose Obamacare in the Louisiana Senate.  Unfortunately a hostile Senate bottled up his legislation in committee.

Senator Dan Claitor spoke against SB475 on the Senate floor.  His efforts were overwhelmed by a hostile Senate, but he led a noble effort in the fight against a very toxic bill.


Your picks.

So those are my picks for the top leadership positions in the Senate for the next four years.  Who are yours? Сайт знакомств

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