Who was that masked man?

October 22, 2008

“There is not a truth existing which I fear or would wish unknown to the whole world.” -Thomas Jefferson

When it comes to the subject of Barrack Hussein Obama, the media is somewhat mum on some very important issues. November 4th is less than two weeks away, and I find myself appalled at some of the things that America is not being told about one of our presidential candidates. I would think that part of the job of the news media would be to fully, and I mean fully, vetting our candidates. Instead, it falls to those of us who dig through the news to find the information that is left behind, to do the job. There are some truly troubling associations in Senator Obama’s life that are being glossed over. Names you’ve heard, but have not been told much about. It’s time to change that, after all, change is what the Obama campaign is all about, right?

I heard a joke told the other day. “How are Barrack Obama and Osama Bin Laden alike? They both have friends that attacked the pentagon.” I couldn’t even bring myself to laugh, because it is not a laughing matter. Barrack Obama served on the board of the Woods Foundation, with William Ayers. Their relationship was described as “friendly” by a member of the Obama campaign. Who is William Ayers, you ask? He was a member, along with his wife, Bernadine Dohrn, of the “weather underground”, a group that is responsible for attacks, not just on the pentagon, but also on New York Police Headquarters. He is a domestic terrorist. William Ayers is the forerunner of Timothy McVeigh.

I know that this is a bold statement, but let us look at Mr. Ayers own words. ”I don’t regret setting bombs,” Bill Ayers said. ”I feel we didn’t do enough.”. Now for a nauseating bit of irony, the article is from the New York Times dated September 11, 2001. It was a statement made by Ayers to promote his book Fugitive days. Can you imagine reading those words moments before the airplane attacks? Does it not make you ill? It should! The actions of Ayers and Dohrn are no less reprehensible, and Obama is “friendly” with this man! In fact, according to the politico, Obama started his political career with a pilgrimage to Ayers home in Chicago.

For nearly twenty years, Obama was a member of the Trinity United Church of Christ. His pastor was the controversial Rev. Jeremiah Wright, a man noted for his “Afro-centric theology”. Rev. Wright was famously quoted after the September 11th attacks saying, “no, no, no! Not God Bless America, God Damn America! That’s in the Bible! For killing innocent people!” He also stated that “America’s chickens were coming home to roost!” What sort of message is that from the pulpit of a church! Does that glorify God? Most decidedly not! Neither does this “Black Values System” which, you will not, comes directly from Trinity United’s own web site.

What about ACORN? The Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now. Barrack Obama’s executive experience comes from being a “Community Organizer.” He worked closely with ACORN. In fact, according to the Pittsburg Tribune-Review’s Dateline DC column of January 14, 2007, “Since he graduated from law school, Obama’s work with ACORN and the Midwest Academy has ranged from training and fundraising, to legal representation and promoting their work.” This is the same Barrack Obama that said last week that he never worked with ACORN, and also the same Barrack Obama whose campaign donated over $800,000.00 to ACORN during the primary season. Might I take this moment to point out that ACORN is under federal investigation for voter fraud during a scandal which has shown the entire offensive line for the Dallas Cowboys to be registered to vote both in Dallas and in Las Vegas, and one Mr. Mickey Mouse registered in Orlando?

I once believed that Obama was an empty suit that was being used by these people and organizations to push their agenda because of his charisma. More disturbing to me is the finding recently by National Review that these ideals truly belong to Obama, and he sought out THESE people and organizations to get his ideals off of the ground. A terrorist, a racist under the guise of a minister, and an organized fraud machine? Not to mention a slum lord like Tony Rezko. These are people that advance Obama’s ideals? Ideals like “I’m glad we bombed those places, we didn’t do enough” (Ayers), “God Damn America. The US of KKK A” (Wright). Are these Obama’s ideals? We’ll never know, because those who have a responsibility to illuminate us on such things are keeping quiet on his ideas. Who is the man behind the message of Hope and Change? Don’t look too deeply. After all, that’s the same message that got a man named Adolf Hitler elected chancellor of Germany.



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