Who’s Ed Clarke???

September 29, 2007

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“I think that’s called ‘killing the goose that laid the golden egg’. I don’t know what his game plan is with this. We’re going to take the major industry of the state and we are going to tax them out of existence. Doesn’t sound like the smartest move in the world.”

Today I caught up with Ed Clarke, candidate for District 65 which encompasses Central. His opponent in this race is Cliff Richardson. His opponent would not commit to a forum held by the Pachyderms.

Louisiana Conservative: “Hi Ed, how are you doing today?”
Ed Clarke: “Pretty good, thank you.”

LC: “Let me ask you Ed, what motivated you to run for State Representative?”
EC: “We have a particular opportunity this year. We have a correlation of two unique events in Louisiana history. We have the environment that’s been created in the wake of Hurricane Katrina. Everybody now has a sense of change might actually be in the air and I have heard about change in Louisiana since I was knee high to my father, but this actually is the year when people are saying this is the year we might actually have change in the state. The second thing is that we are going to have a freshman class. We can have somewhere as much as 60% of the legislatures out there being newbies. So this is a year, because of term limits, where a fresh face can come in and there will be an open seat. The correlation of those two things are what made me run this year. In my particular district, there are also the motivators of, we have a new school system, we have a new city in the district. Both of those are going to need help.

LC: “On taxes, what’s your general feeling on taxes? Where would you cut it, is there any where you would would increase it?”
EC: “There’s no place I would increase it. I’ve said before, ‘I’ve never seen a tax cut I don’t like’. Tax cuts invariably mean more (tax) revenue, more economic growth, more liberty for people, pure and simple. Show me a tax cut, I’ll probably vote for it.”LC: “So if I asked you if you’ll cut taxes on basic necessities like food and certain beverages you’ll say…”
EC: “Certainly, people will buy more and we’ll make a lot more (tax) revenue in the long run.”LC: “What do you think of Foster Campbell’s move to make the oil companies pay more taxes?”
EC: “I think that’s called ‘killing the goose that laid the golden egg’. I don’t know what his game plan is with this. We’re going to take the major industry of the state and we are going to tax them out of existence. Doesn’t sound like the smartest move in the world.”LC: “Do you like to hunt, are you a gun advocate”
EC: “Actually, I have an A rating from the NRA. I am an NRA member. I like to shoot guns myself. I own some property up in Pointe Coupee Parish so I go hunting a lot. So I say that, yeah, I’m a little pro-gun.”LC: “What about Blueprint Louisiana, have you signed on to that?”
EC: “I have signed on this week to Blueprint Louisiana. I took about two weeks to read over it and get comfortable with all the implications of everything that Blueprint said, and as of this week I sent it back into them and said, yeah, this is something I’ll back.”

“People in Central are very worried about the new loop, bottom line. The loop is planned to go right through Central. It’s going to be a Berlin wall that’s going to divide Central into two.”

LC: “What is the one issue that really stood out with Blueprint for you?”
EC: “I think more than anything else is ‘Ethics Reform’, that whole cluster of ideas about reforming ethics here in Louisiana.”

LC: “Was there any issue on there that you struggled with?”
EC: “I don’t think so, no, but with questionnaires that I am signing off on… a business practice, make sure you read what you sign.”

LC: “Let me ask you, the state legislature, when your actually in the state legislature rather than campaigning, it’s a whole different ballgame. What do you think is the one thing that you think the state legislature is going to be able to accomplish with you in there?”
EC: “I think first of all, it’s getting a caucus going again here in Baton Rouge. I’d make deliberate attempts to reach across party lines, reach across house lines, to find other people that are like minded so that we can form a Baton Rouge caucus so that Baton Rouge is not consistently outvoted by people from New Orleans or Lafayette anymore. Now that’s not exactly, you know, I want to work for my district, I want to work for my city, I want to work for my state. There is kind of a hole in that. We typically here, in Louisiana, have not been able to cooperate.”

LC: “State roads, there’s a problem with our state roads. A lot of our state roads that exist are really rough.”
EC: “Yeah, and I’ll tell you why as a matter of fact. First of all, if a project is not priority one, it might as well be priority two billion. Priority one projects get done, nothing else in the final analysis gets done. I’m going to concentrate on making sure that our projects in my district and then the next layer in my city, are priority one. Now another thing I’d like to mention here is, we’re so far behind the other states, that we’re actually completing projects that we should of completed twenty years ago. This is something we need to get on board with. I’ve actually talked with people that said ‘you know there’s a road project going on right down the street.’

“I said ‘You know what, you’re right, and that project was programmed twenty years ago.’ It was a great idea twenty years ago. If it would have been completed in two or three years, that would have been fantastic, but we’re twenty years down the road now. We actually need to start planning for the roads we are going to need in 2010, 2015, 2020, not the roads we’re going to need in 1985.”

LC: “How are you going to stand up to projects, pet projects like building a lake in my backyard so that I can sell the property around it, so I can sell th property around the lake?”
EC: “I think we had a Republican view around twenty years ago that was ‘Just say no’. We’re going to have to ‘just say no’ to some of those projects.”

LC: “How are you going to convince other people to vote against it? the other state legislatures?”
EC: “I think by standing up and making a lot of noise. I am a high energy guy, I am a two fisted guy and I am going to let other people know that.”

LC: “It looks like Bobby Jindal is going to win the governorship, how do you feel like your going to work with him?”
EC: “I think it’s going to be fantastic. Bobby Jindal and I see eye to eye on a lot of issues. He’s a really intelligent guy, very high energy and I share a lot of those qualities.”

LC: “You’re running in Central, how would you benefit Central the most?”
EC: “By helping their new school district, and by helping their new city.”

LC: “Any other priorities that you see for Central?”
EC: “I think for them we’re going to have to have a legislator that stands up to the new loop. People in Central are very worried about the new loop, bottom line. The loop is planned to go right through Central. It’s going to be a Berlin wall that’s going to divide Central into two. It’s going to fundamentally change the way of life for the people of Central, and that is a project that I am probably going to say no to.”

LC: “Where would you build the loop to?”
EC: “I think it needs to be, we need to look at an inner loop and an outer loop. If we look at successful cities around the country, they have this two tiered structure, and inner loop and an outer loop. For that inner loop I think we’re going to need to be a little closer in to Baton Rouge and for that outer loop, we’re going to have to be a little farther out. Central is not the place to put that.”

LC: “What about the airport? With New Orleans being like it is and how it (Hurricane Katrina) has really shut down our traffic there for a while, do you think we should do more for our airport or…?”
EC: “I think the long term solution there for Baton Rouge and New Orleans, instead of competing with each other is to look at some centralized international gateway that’s going to be in between the two cities. Instead of playing against each other, let’s play together.”

LC: “Tell me about your family and your background a little bit.”
EC: “I have been married for almost twenty years, I have four children, three grandchildren, not much I can tell you than that. A very conservative family and we lived in the same location since my wife and I have got married.”

LC: “Ed, I thank you for your time and I appreciate you doing this interview.”
EC: “Thank you.”

Sears Makes Going ‘Green’ and Getting Rebates Easier.

Science Letter March 24, 2009 It is no surprise that equipping homes with the latest green innovations in the kitchen and laundry room is smart for the environment. What may be more astonishing is the length to which Sears goes to help put some green in shoppers’ wallets. Today, Sears, the leading retailer of ENERGY STAR(R) qualified appliances, announced a program to help educate Americans about the millions of dollars in rebates that are available for ENERGY STAR rated products and make it faster to receive these rebates (see also Sears, Roebuck and Co.).

“Each passing day, Americans are getting more energy efficient–a trend that Sears hopes to contribute to by offering increased customer education and simplified shopping experiences,” said Bruce Johnson, interim CEO and president, Sears Holdings Corp. “The money, wattage and water savings that customers obtain after installing an energy efficient appliance are a powerful reminder of the significant impact customers can have when making individual choices about the appliances they purchase for their kitchens and laundry rooms each year. These are significant improvements we are each making, one appliance at a time.” To help enable a more efficient rebate process, Sears is introducing an online ENERGY STAR Rebate Center. This user-friendly and easily-identified research area is available in most Sears full-line stores and is a result of a “summit” meeting Sears held recently with the Department of Energy and the nation’s top utility companies. go to website sears coupon code

Sears found that after an ENERGY STAR qualified appliance purchase, customers often leave the store faced with the task of completing rebate forms at home. As a solution for customers, the Sears Blue Appliance Crew will walk customers through the process online while in the store, eliminating the need to take tear pad sheets home and mail in their rebates, thus putting time back in customer’s busy schedules and enabling them to receive their rebates sooner.

“Many people who are shopping for an appliance are unaware that there are literally millions of dollars available – money that utilities and states would love to pass along to customers,” said Kevin Brown, CMO of Appliances for Sears. “With Sears new ENERGY STAR Rebate Center, the Blue Appliance Crew can quickly determine while you’re in the store, if you qualify for a rebate by entering your zip code. That’s something our customers really appreciate.” Not only is Sears handling the rebate process for you in in-store, the company is also making it easier for customers who are researching their purchase online to determine the maximum rebate available on an appliance purchase. Customers can learn if the appliances they are interested in qualify for rebates by going to sears.com/appliances and clicking on “Rebate Finder”.

“We listened to our customers and know that they want to do the right thing by purchasing ENERGY STAR qualified products,” explained Doug Moore, senior vice president and president of Home Appliances at Sears. “Using Sears Blue Appliance Crew members as a resource to assist customers before they go home encourages them to make environmentally smart purchases, simplifies the shopping experience and rewards their decision to purchase an ENERGY STAR rated appliance. Shoppers deserve their rebate money, and we want to make it as easy as possible.” Sears has demonstrated its commitment to increasing America’s energy efficiency through its actions over more than 10 years. In 2008 alone, Sears Kenmore ENERGY STAR rated appliances helped save America nearly 700 million Kilowatt hours, over four billion gallons of water, and over $100 million dollars. Sears sells more ENERGY STAR rated appliances than any other retailer. In fact, in 2008, Sears was the first retailer to sell more than 3.1 million ENERGY STAR qualified appliances from the nation’s top eight brands, including Kenmore, the nation’s leading appliance brand. searscouponcodenow.com sears coupon code

About Sears Holdings Corporation Sears Holdings Corporation is the nation’s fourth largest broadline retailer with approximately 3,800 full-line and specialty retail stores in the United States and Canada. Sears Holdings is the leading home appliance retailer as well as a leader in tools, lawn and garden, home electronics and automotive repair and maintenance. Key proprietary brands include Kenmore, Craftsman and DieHard, and a broad apparel offering, including such well-known labels as Lands’ End, Jaclyn Smith and Joe Boxer, as well as the Apostrophe and Covington brands. It also has Martha Stewart Everyday products, which are offered exclusively in the U.S. by Kmart. We are the nation’s largest provider of home services, with more than 12 million service calls made annually. Sears Holdings Corporation operates through its subsidiaries, including Sears, Roebuck and Co. and Kmart Corporation. For more information, visit Sears Holdings’ website at www.searsholdings.com.

About the Sears Energy Star Summit The Utility companies and other organizations that participated in the


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