Why I like Donald Trump…

July 23, 2015

There’s a reason that Donald Trump is leading in the polls, though the day to day could change. Who knows, maybe tomorrow he’ll sink, but I won’t be surprised if he’s higher. See Donald Trump is doing something that no Republican candidate is doing… in fact hasn’t done since Ted Cruz came along. Oh I know Ted Cruz is still in the picture and I know he’s a candidate, but he’s not doing what Donald Trump is doing. Donald Trump is speaking English and he’s taking loud obnoxious stands. Donald Trump is saying what he means and meaning what he says. He won’t back down, he doubles down, he won’t take crap.donald-trump-a-1024

Which is exactly what the Republicans love to do from Democrats, take crap.

When was the last time John McCain criticized a Democrat? How often did John McCain attack Barack Obama? And when have you ever seen John McCain treat the Democrats like he often does his fellow Republicans? And what did all the Republican candidates do in light of John McCain’s attack on Donald Trump’s followers?

In fact, I’d be surprised if John McCain doesn’t attack every GOP candidate except Lindsey Graham. So why are all these candidates coming to the defense of John McCain?

giuliani-fingerAfter one of the GOP debates in 07′, I called Rudy Giulliani “Jesus”, or at least he was the Jesus candidate. The reason I called him the Jesus candidate was because he “raised Lazarus from the dead.” That night, some scrawny unknown geezer stood on that stage and rattled off a bunch of gibberish that nobody was paying attention to, nobody except for Giulliani. Rudy took great offense and jumped all over this wacky old geezer for saying 9-11 was a result of “blowback”. That wacky old geezer was a man named Ron Paul.

That night Ron Paul started to get traction. Any GOP voter who did not like Giulliani quickly started paying attention to what Ron Paul was saying. Some quickly wrote him off. Some, such as myself slowly came on board with him until he lost my support, and others bought into his agenda. That one attack set the Ron Paul revolution into motion. Ron Paul and his Paulistinians were a thorn in the GOP’s side since.

I do believe this is much the same with the GOP candidates attacking Donald Trump. This will probably come as a shock to most of the GOP elected officials, but hardly surprising to the conservative voter. John McCain is not as popular among conservatives as the GOP seems to think he is.th

I voted for John McCain in the general election. I voted for him even though Barack Obama was a better candidate. I voted for John McCain because he was a Republican. I voted John McCain because he was a better “choice”. I voted for a guy who acted like he didn’t want to be President. I will vote for Donald Trump if he is the Republican nominee and I will feel much better about it than I did when I voted for John McCain.

I don’t believe that Donald Trump understands the conservative position on illegal immigration, but he understands it’s an important issue and is making it an issue.  I don’t think Donald Trump is a true Conservative, but he understands that somebody needs to stand up against Liberalism.

a-SATAN-OBAMA-386x217But what Donald Trump does understand is that you can’t keep trying to make deals with the devil if you get burned every single time… should I repeat that last line for John Boehner? Donald Trump  has a pair of stones and he’s not afraid to pull them out and show them off when somebody tries to give him a raw deal.

And while John McCain attacked Donald Trump’s supporters, how many of the candidates stood up to John McCain and said that John McCain had his chance and blew it, perhaps he shouldn’t try to blow it for the other candidates?

Just the opposite in fact, they all lined up to criticize Trump instead. But shall I take a whack at the candidates who attacked Trump instead of McCain? Let’s start with our own Governor Bobby Jindal. Here’s a man who spent his two terms preparing a run for President, traveling across the country instead of focusing on Louisiana and all he can muster is 2% in the polls… on a exceptional day. I mean, how can somebody possibly be as smart as Jindal and not figure out that his number 1 priority as Governor was to be Governor and not spend it doing practice campaign stops across the country?

 Sen. Lindsay Graham  and Al Franken having a great time together.

Sen. Lindsay Graham and Al Franken having a great time together.

Lindsey Graham? The only way he loses is if the South Carolina Democrat party actually fields a candidate. If the South Carolina Democrat party ever does that, maybe a Republican can actually win that seat. Lindsey Graham can attack Donald Trump all day, but Graham will be lucky if he can beat Bobby Jindal.

And Rick Perry? Worried Donald Trump will destroy the Republican party? Because Rick Perry never said anything stupid?

In fact, that is the actual problem. Some of these candidates have made a career of fighting for their political advancement, not conservative values. Donald Trump  says what he means and means what he says and he doesn’t care what people will think of him in the end. Perhaps the other candidates should focus on saying what they believe, instead of worrying about how to score points by attacking Donald Trump. Instead of trying to get Trump out of the race, focus on a message that will get them into the race.

My guy at this time is still Scott Walker. He was actually a Governor.



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