Why I Support Herman Cain

June 4, 2011

He’s black. Now that I stated the obvious, let’s talk about the important stuff. I’m sorry, I know many of you on the left wing are still stuck on Obama’s color of skin, except when he’s busy being Irish. But isn’t voting for a man because he’s black as stupid as voting for a man because he’s white? Quite frankly, I don’t want a Latino President if it means I’m getting a President Hugo Chavez. I want a good President.

So for me, selling me on the man’s character is far more important than what he looks like. While the left still makes every issue about the color of Barack Obama’s skin, we on the right ought to remember that for Democrats, the apple of racism doesn’t fall far from the roots of the Democratic Party’s racist tree. Andrew Johnson? Margaret Sanger? Ahem.

For me, Herman Cain is down to earth. Cain passes the Superbowl test. That is, if we were having a Super bowl party, wouldn’t you love to have a guy like Cain over? At least you know he’s not going to lecture us about “Americans don’t spike the football” or whatever new lecture jibberish comes out of a certain somebody’s mouth. Americans don’t spike the football? Get outta here, that’s exactly what we do.

Herman Cain understands national security is the number one obligation that government has to its people. One thing seems obvious to me, though we can change some laws that would discourage violence just south of our border and preventing it from spilling over our borders, simply ignoring the laws while saying we’ve secured our borders just doesn’t cut it. Sure, there are a lot of Mexicans trying to escape the bloodbath and want to come up here to live in peace and make a decent living, and I’d certainly would agree they too deserve to enjoy the peace that we have in our Christian country.

There’s nothing wrong with giving people from other countries the same opportunities we have, and it’s certainly not our place to deny, to them, the Rights given to them by God. Yes Rights can only come from God him self, if they came from anywhere else then they are mere privileges that we would only enjoy at the discretion of that entity. No person, nor any government, can “grant” you Rights, they can only infringe on your Rights.

More importantly, immigration is about the war on terror, whether you want to believe it or not. I know what I look like, if I wrapped a turban around my head, strapped a bomb around my stomach, and went out into the street screaming Allah Akbar, somebody is going to shoot me and they ought to. By the same token, if it’s that easy for me to look like a Muslim terrorist, how easy then for a Muslim terrorist to put a sombrero on his head, put a poncho over his shoulders and learn to say “Donde estas Estados Unidos?”. Suddenly you have a very dangerous illegal immigrant on your hands.

I like Herman Cain because of his stances, but more importantly, I like that Cain actually understands his stances. Look at the last presidential race, on one had John McCain was for whatever Obama was for, but he insisted that he could do it better than Barack. Wow, very impressive candidate there, and people wonder why Obama won? And the winner of that Presidential election? How has he presided? Well consistent, I have to give him that. Whatever he says, you can count on him doing the exact opposite. So to me, it’s refreshing to hear a man anybody speak with such conviction.

More impressive is his rise to the top. From growing up in a shotgun house in Georgia to becoming CEO of Godfather’s Pizza, well that’s simply impressive. Quite frankly, who cares about a person’s experience in government? Shouldn’t the guy be required to have real world experience even before they ran for the Presidency? How can they solve our problems when they don’t even know exactly what our problems are?

I’m sure there are other candidates out there who understands how government works, in fact there’s no shortage of such candidates. Maybe it’s time for us to send somebody to the White House who understands how government doesn’t work. Maybe it’s time for us to send a man to Washington who understands that when you sit at the side of the table of life waiting for freebies, you’ll get what the dogs get – the scraps.

For me, the man that bests represents that is Herman Cain.


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