Why I Supported Bush, And Now Support Obama, In The War On Terrorism

February 5, 2009

It may seem strange that as conservative as I am and as much as I supported our efforts in Afghanistan and Iraq, that I would do an about face on the war and support initiatives to bring the war to an end. Unless of course you understand how deep my love of country is. I can hear it now, the initial reaction. The criticisms that will probably come, and then the praises from the left. It all really doesn’t matter to me, I’ve already heard the best of praises and the nastiest of criticisms. When you’re a free thinker, it comes with the territory, I guess.

To understand why I’m supporting Obama’s decisions on the matter of war, we really need to get back to the roots of the United States. The year, 1776. The character- John Dickinson. Due to his religious beliefs, John Dickinson was a pacifist. He argued tooth and nail against John Adams, refusing to give his consent to war. Even when it became evident that Dickinson had lost the argument and the colonist were going to declare it’s independence from the British, Dickinson would not give in. He stood so opposed to the war that he refused to sign the Declaration of Independence, and stepped down from the Continental Congress.

However, despite his personal feelings to the war, John Dickinson signed up for the Continental Army and was given the rank of Brigadier General, and led 10,000 men to Elizabeth, New Jersey to defend against British attacks. His feelings were well known, but his love of country could never be questioned.

It is the pacifist John Dickinson who influences my attitude of war more than any person. No, I’m no pacifist, far from it. I believe in self defense, it is, after all, a fundamental human right. However, just because I disagree with a person’s view doesn’t mean that I can’t learn from them, even if they don’t change my mind. In John Dickinson’s case, I learned that during a time of war, you stand by your country. There is another lesson here, and that is this: You make your case against war, before or after war, never during the war. It is for the sake of the nation that we stay united during times of war, regardless of our personal feelings. We made the case, and the country decided to go to war, I stand with my country. We had an election, my country decided to change course, I stand with my country.

I didn’t agree with everything Bush did, nor do I agree with everything Obama’s doing concerning the war on terrorism, but now is not the time for me, or anybody else to be second guessing them. The primary charge of our federal government is to protect us from foreign aggression. If we can not remain united on that single issue, then there is no reason for us to be United States.

My support for Obama is as solid as it was with Bush. On September 11, 2001, we learned exactly what they are capable of. I’ve heard the case that Bush knew, and quite frankly, what did anybody expect Bush to do to stop it? Seriously, if Bush knew, how could he ever have explained it to the American people, prevented it from happening, and avoided being called a dictator? Maybe Bush knew, but I seriously doubt that anybody inside the United States could have comprehended what those 19 would do, even if they knew something.

But now that we do know, I rely on trust in or government to meet it’s primary objective– to protect us from foreign aggression, and the old adage, fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me. They got us once, shame of them. Bush did keep it from happening again, and if Obama can’t keep us protected, then shame on us.

I support Obama’s decisions on the war against terrorism, that is, until he proves himself to be derelict in his duties. If the war comes to our home front, then American blood will be on his hands and I’ll be the first to call for his head.


Obama dropped charges on the slime that bombed the USS Cole. How do like him now?

Greta Perry
Greta Perry

Only time will tell. Unfortunately lots of things look good on paper or seem good in theory. I would love to see all our troops on our soil tomorrow.

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