Why Mitch?

December 16, 2009

Poor Squid over at Your Right Hand Thief is going into a tizzy because I’m being mean to Mitch. I almost feel sorry for him, I might send over a box of tissues. Funny thing, Mitch has been around politics his whole life, I doubt he’s crying. He’s probably not even worried about the things I’m saying. Hey Mitch, send a couple of 8X10’s of yourself over to the Clam at Your Right Hand Thief… this way he can put one picture on his wall, one on the ceiling above his bed so he can look at you first thing in the morning, and send him a wallet size in case he decides to leave his house.

Now I do want to address the video that I posted, and why I posted it. First of all, I don’t think Mitch Landrieu is racist, whoever made the video doesn’t do a good job on convincing me, nor anybody else that Mitch Landrieu meant to go back to segregation and if I thought anybody would buy into it, I would not have posted it. I likened the video to making a bad judgement on a person, much like I thought happened to Trent Lott when during Strom Thurmond’s birthday Lott said some words about Stroms Presidential candidacy back in the 40’s. Why are Democrats so quick to judge Republicans, even though Republicans won’t be so judgemental of Democrats… and Shrimp, before you run into the closet and change into your pantyhose, powerbelt, cape, and run to the computer in your Batman like alter ego to save the day, remember…. ever since you started your blog, you’ve been attacking people so don’t give me this self righteous lecture about being a meanie… by the way, I hear you throw a mean punch at your shadow. The difference between you and I is that I’m man enough to face the people I’ve talked about… you hide your identity like you’re Clarke Kent. Quite frankly, knowing that I’ve turned Clam into clam chowder makes me want to go after Mitch even more, this is getting to be fun.

That video did capture one very important thing, Mitch Landrieu describing a time that he could envision New Orleans being again, and I largely suspect that he looks at the early 1960’s as a pleasant time in New Orleans, and I’m sure he’s not talking about segregation. But what he does indicate that he thinks New Orleans was better 40 years ago than it was pre Katrina, and that’s sad, because guess which family has had a 40 year reign of power in New Orleans for the past 40 years? That’s right, The Landrieus. 40 years of political power, and he points to a time before that when New Orleans was good. Has New Orleans really fallen down that much since the Landrieus built their kingdom? What has Mitch done? I suppose when his sister gets done with the Senate, I suppose Mitch will think he’s entitled to that as well. I’m sure Calamari over at Right Hand Thief will be a loyal servant of Mitch.

Let’s talk about opportunity, which is what Mitch, I’m sure, says he believes in. Then why not give somebody else the opportunity to be mayor? Why not get behind his good friend Leslie Jacobs and work with her instead of stabbing her in the back? Why become an additional chair at these debates? Each new candidate in the field limits the candidates ability to get their message across in debates, and I’m sure the Ed Murray has some ideas, maybe ideas that I don’t agree with, but maybe he’s got unique ideas that will work. I’m sure the comedian has some jokes, and despite that I’ll bet he’s got some good ideas. Dittos goes for Nadine Ramsey, John Georges, Rob Couhig and the rest of the candidates.

But Mitch, you care so much for New Orleans you’d rather smother those ideas with your tired and tried ideas that has brought New Orleans from the city you once knew to the city it became. And it’s not just that, because four years ago, I sat here and said nothing while our Lt. Governor ran for the Mayor of New Orleans, because even though I didn’t like it, you’re not the only one to run for another office while holding one, even if it were a lesser office.

I find that Louisiana isn’t short on people with ideas, but Louisiana has an abundance of are politicians who run for office, and instead of doing to job they were elected to do, immediately start looking for something else to run for. Some of it, I understand. Take Charlie Melancon, I don’t want Charlie Melancon as my next Senator, but I understand why he’s running, it’s a step up for Representative.

Bobby Jindal going from congress to governor, I’d happily vote for him, from the Governor to the Vice President or President, yeah, why not? But Governor to Senator? Get real. Same goes for Jay Dardenne, I’m not voting for them for another office before they at least complete their first term. We can not fix what ails Louisiana with people whose full time job is to campaign. I’ve picked on City Councilman Mike Walker a couple of times, but I will say this, he’s ran for one thing and one thing only, and he’s served his full terms and for that, I’m grateful. It’s sad for me to say that I live in Louisiana and that I should feel fortunate I don’t have to vote for this guy ever time there’s an election. I like Senator Vitter, I especially like that he’s been voting the wishes of his constituents, even though our other Senator just asked her constituents to grab their ankles. I wish Tony Gentile was running for something other than that, I’d happily vote for him for anything else. Maybe he should run for Lt. Governor… As for the rest of them, if they want to run for something else (with the exception of higher office) they should first resign their current position. That includes Mitch Landrieu, if he’s serious about being Mayor, the show the city you’re serious about being mayor by stepping down as LT. Governor.
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I'm not worried about Mitch winning in New Orleans. This should be a repeat of his last attempt. The era of a white, uptown liberal Democrat winning just because he is a white, uptown liberal Democrat ended with his dad almost 40 years ago. The black vote in the Crescent City isn't beholden anymore, and there are several African-Americans in the race. The candidate I think has the best chance to take it is John Georges. The Mid-City/Lakeview white vote is key, and if signs and bumper stickers are any indication, John seems to be capturing that vote. And if Georges' former supporter Ray Nagin backs him, then I think John is the man to beat. Nagin still has a lot of sway in the African-American community, and he can likely deliver quite a few votes. But, two months is an eternity in the political process. Doubly so in byzantine New Orleans.


Mitch was not running for mayor, just not, period. Then Mary makes a public deal in DC for the $300 million. Then, Mitch decides to run. HMMMMMM Could there be a deal for the Demos to throw some expensive support Mitch's way. NO, not in Louisiana nor DC. Think about it. As the man says "Very interesting."


He's a landrieu, no other harsh words or epithets necessary. Not sure he'd be an improvement of noggin, that's saying a hell of a lot...

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