Why Obama Doesn’t Inspire Me

March 10, 2011

I’ve heard many times about the inspiration that is Barack Obama. It’s something I simply don’t understand. I look at Obama and I simply see a man who just isn’t ready to lead the country, much less be President of the world. Granted, there’s a learning curve for all Presidents, but with so little experience in government, it seems President Obama needs to think about running for city council instead of thinking of running for re-election. Equally true is that all Presidents are apt to make mistakes. We can look at any President and see where they made mistakes and learned from them. President Obama could learn from his mistakes, but first he has to admit that he can make mistakes. It doesn’t help matters when so many Democrats stroke his ego and enable his failure.

1. The New Normal – When Barack Obama worries about 10% unemployment being a “new normal”, it seems to be a concession that we can’t expect more out of our country. This is a country that thrives on achieving beyond our expectations. We laughed at the idea of landing a man on the moon, but we did it. We believe and love rags to riches stories. We all dream of doing great things with our lives. We are not a nation that accepts our circumstances, but rather, we over come and conquer. That’s who we are. While Obama thinks we might get “stuck” with 10% unemployment, the vast majority of Americans, regardless of political philosophy refuse to believe, and will refuse to accept 10% or more unemployment rates.

2. Obama Care Waivers Soar Past 1000 – I wish politicians would take the attitude that first, do no harm. If the new health care law is so wonderful, why then are so many Obamacare supporters trying get a waiver? Is Obama good enough for the average Joe, but just not good enough for certain people? More over, why would any person give money to a union that uses that money to support the passage of that law, then seeks to exempt its members from the consequences of that law? Obama’s signature legislation is considered a terrible dud by its supporters who seek waivers. Actions speak louder than words.

3. “We’ll bring a gun” – Obama isn’t afraid to roll up his sleeves and pick a fight, he’s just not willing to do it with enemies of our country. It could have been inspirational had our nation been attacked and he was talking about the nation that attacked us, but it wasn’t. The people Obama seems to pick his fights with tend to have one thing in common, they live in the United States. Sure it was just a joke, but when we have a President who jokes like this, should we be surprised that a congresswoman gets shot?

4. “Help Me Finish The Fight” – While Obama will pick fights, when it comes to the actual fight, it seems he expects other people to do the fighting for him. His signature legislation, health care reform, was fought for by Democrats in the Senate and in the House, and the while he was absent. People follow great leaders with a sense of purpose. Under President Obama, there is no clear sense of direction, the economy is in shambles, the Middle East has uprisings, and the President seems so detached from the issues at hand. Unless you’re checking the golf courses, it’s hard to find President Obama leading on any issue.

5. “Apology Tour” – When an American President goes to other countries and apologizes for the country he leads, he does so out of embarrassment. If he is embarrassed of me and my country, why then shouldn’t I be embarrassed that he leads it? Like everybody else around the world, I too, am proud of my country. What Democrats, Republicans, and independents all have in common in this country is that we are Americans first. We have our faults in our country, and we sort them out inside this country. I don’t appreciate the leader of my country airing our dirty laundry for the rest of the world to see.

6. “Man Up” – The United States had 43 Presidents prior to Barack Obama, yet somehow Barack Obama should be exempt from criticism. President George W. Bush was often called a war criminal, an idiot, and was often portrayed as Hitler, President Clinton was accused of being a rapist, and the list goes on and on of the accusations against past Presidents. Criticizing Presidents is as American as apple pie. He covered up Christian symbols because he didn’t want to “offend” people, though it offended Christians. He doesn’t talk about “victory” when it comes to war, which leaves on scratching their head wondering, ‘if we aren’t trying to win the war, why are we even there?’. If that’s not enough, the sight of my President bowing to the Saudi King leaves people wondering, “Did President Obama turn in his man card?” Obama needs to man up, quit trying to appease our enemies, and start being more considerate of the people he says he wants to lead.


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