Why we do what we do?

July 17, 2012

Why are we here and what are the Louisiana Conservative and the Conservative Fifties goals? Recently the questions have been asked by some, do we stay in the political fight or retire? Rest assured it’s kindling for tepid souls. For me, as a life long Democrat until three years ago, one main goal is to aid others in seeing the deception perpetrated on the American people by the Democratic Party since the Sixties Civil Rights Movement. Some of our Democratic leaders attempt to deflect Civil Rights history to suppress the true racial tendencies of their party or project it onto the Republican Party in the hopes to maintain their voting block. Who fought to expand slavery and who fought to bring it to an end? It was the anti-slavery party, born in 1854, the Republican Party, that fought for the freedom and civil rights of blacks. It was Republicans passing laws to this effect, not Democrats. Seems history is repeating itself.

Democrats passed discriminatory laws and fought every piece of civil rights laws for a hundred years until they had no choice but to embrace them and use them to their advantage all the while convincing the populace that Republicans are the bad guys. On June 10th, 1964 lost their fight and civil rights came to pass with some little known Republicans leading the charge. Some lesser knowns in this period, were Sen. Thomas Kuchel of California and one of the strongest proponents,  Senator Everett McKinley Dirksen (R-Ill.), a civil rights buff for sixteen years.

Can we all agree it was a Republican presence, not Democrats, that led the Civil Rights Era of the Sixties?  It was Republicans that created the NAACP, it was Republicans that marched in the streets with Dr. Martin Luther King, also a Republican. The Torch of Conservatism lies with us. It is now our responsibility to set the record straight with as many as we can between now and November. We must dilute the years of brainwashing in a matter of months. I am up for the struggle, will you take up the torch and join Conservatives statewide and nationwide to right the ugly wrong of the Democratic lies? These men marched for it through oppression, it’s our turn.


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