Will Senator Mary Landrieu Ever vote For the People of Louisiana??

June 13, 2013


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Leon Puissegur

This will be but a brief article since once again we have to “hope” that Senator Mary Landrieu votes for the people of Louisiana and not for the Socialist Democratic Party of which she seems to vote with nearly 100 percent of the time!


Now how can we make such a statement?  If we look back at what Senator Landrieu has voted for, we have to begin to wonder why is she even in Washington, D.C.?  She voted AGAINST making English the national language and that by itself seems to show that she does not care about the nation.  One has to wonder why would a Senator make such a vote, after all our nation was begun under the English language and has been that way since the time of the first settlers of this nation.  Yet Senator Mary Landrieu voted Against making English the national language!!  That by itself should have gotten her sent packing, but it seems that maybe the people in Louisiana just did not care about that or maybe they have become ignorant of the facts of what Senator Mary Landrieu has voted for even when the people of Louisiana have said they did not want her to vote the way she did!


In the biggest wrong vote we find that Senator Mary Landrieu voted for the “Affordable Care Act” of which now looks like a monster starring us in the face and we cannot do anything about it, this was also known as the 300 million dollar vote, does anyone remember that Senator Mary Landrieu in a way “SOLD” her vote for 300 million dollars?  She voted for this monster even when over 70 percent of the people of Louisiana said NO!  Here she took the side of the “Socialist Democratic Party” once again!  Look that up on www.discoverthenetworks.org and see for yourself just what the Socialist Democratic Party is and while you are on the site type in Americans for Democratic Action (ADA) in the search engine of discoverthenetworks.org and you will see their agenda and Senator Mary Landrieu votes the way they have listed their ideas!!


Senator Mary Landrieu votes along with any idea presented by Obama whom is linked with his belief of making this nation a “Marxist” nation, his attitude is liken to that of a “Socialist” now, but Obama had studied “Marxism” while he went to college at Occidental and sat under a huge picture of Karl Marx while studying Karl Marx and his ideology!  (See – http://freedomoutpost.com/2012/09/interview-obama-had-marxist-vision-for-us-at-occidental-college/2/#ixzz25bm3EPI9)

In that article it is discussed about Obama and his “Marxist” ideology of which it seems Senator Mary Landrieu votes with his ideology no matter what the people of Louisiana say!


Senator Mary Landrieu joined the rest of the Democrats in continuing the debt resolution instead of making an attempt to fix the debt problem.  Her vote was part of the reason our nation now enjoys so much unemployment and many people have no homes.  But we do have to remember that she gains most of her support from areas like New Orleans, Baton Rouge, Shreveport, and other large cities, which “depend” upon government support instead of individual work to move up.  We do not have to show that most of the very people Senator Mary Landrieu votes against are the very ones that wish to have the government support them and those people come from all walks of life and we even have family members whom even though they have obtained free job training are still on the government dole!  But Senator Mary Landrieu does nothing to help these people move up the ladder to success but instead she ensures they stay where they are so she can say she helps them and obtains their votes!  All the while Senator Mary Landrieu votes against allowing taxes on business to come down so more businesses will return to the United States to “build” new plants and employ more people.


Now Senator Landrieu will more than likely vote for the upcoming immigration bill even though it really does nothing but supply a vast number of people that have no idea of how the United States is run nor do they understand the Constitution of our nation.  Most of those that will obtain Citizenship have the idea that they can take over states like New Mexico, Nevada, and California and bring them back to Mexico. A good many of these people that will become “citizens” have the idea that the Border States belong to Mexico.  These are the people that our nation is willing to allow to become citizens.  Senator Mary Landrieu will probably vote for this even though many in our lovely state of Louisiana disagree with the way this law is written and the majority of Louisiana voters want the Border secured BEFORE any other part of this immigration bill is allowed.  But once again, Senator Mary Landrieu will NOT vote the way the people of Louisiana wish, she would vote the way her Socialist Party Democrats wish her to vote!  Senator Mary Landrieu is not a member of the “SOCIALIST Democratic Party”, but she does vote along the lines of their ideology!  Maybe, just maybe in 2014, we can place an individual that will vote the way the people of Louisiana wish rather than along a specific party line because the people in Louisiana are smart enough to understand that sometimes we do have to vote from both sides in order to obtain what we wish, but when we do not wish for a vote to be made, our Senator should respect the People that placed them their and vote the way the People wish and not along party lines!


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