February 24, 2007

Term limits will only work if voters recognize the loophole and shut it closed with their vote.

When term limits were imposed in 1995 the intent was to “clean the house” of all the “good ole boys” and bring in a new perspective, new blood. Something needed in Louisiana for all my life.

Unfortunately, self-indulgent politicians like Francis Thompson and several other incumbents being rooted out of their present positions in the Legislature by term limits, have decided to play “musical chairs” and make a run for the other side of the Capital building.

If Thompson runs for the Louisiana Senate, he will be going against the will of the people by circumventing hard fought legislation. It is clearly a self-serving move by Thompson, much like the government boondoggle he brought to Richland Parish. A lake. With big promises of increased prosperity, voters were conned into believing the lake would turnaround years of failure and neglect, lead by Thompson. Unfortunately, the only prosperity improved was for Thompson and his “expert” brother.

Francis Thompson has long been a big supporter of Edwin “Fast Eddie” Edwards, who now sits in prison, and hopefully remains there for the rest of his days. It would appear the “student” has learned well from the “master”. All those yearly dove hunts Thompson organized for the politically connected to suck-up to Edwards have really paid off. Cronyism at its best.

Now Thompson has become the “master” and is passing along his expert bamboozling techniques to other politicians so that they, too, can steal private property and fund jobs for their families.

NELA has suffered in so many ways at the hands of self-serving politicians and cannot afford to maintain the status quo. NELA needs representatives that will not sell their soul for a buck to corrupt south Louisiana politicians who have long forgotten about the needs of this part of the state.

Thompson, while being placed in the Politicians Hall of Fame Shame, said he was at the top of his game. If that is so, we need more than ever for term limts to work in the spirit in which it was intended.

You need to retire Mr. Thompson and allow NELA to be fairly represented, finally. We don’t need more of the same moved over into the Senate.


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