Will this happen to the USA?

November 27, 2011

By Mark Parham
As we watch the world markets react to failed attempts to save the Euro, we must ask, what will Americans do as the dollar continues to lose its prominence as the trading medium around the world? Should we be prepared with plan A, plan B etc. should a possible collapse hit our shores? What if our ATM’s blink temporarily (OFFLINE)?
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We have time to stave off such a disaster by severing the head of the socialist agenda next Nov. Between now and then, it’s our mission as Conservatives to awaken as many true American Patriots as possible to the threat of a possible life that no one wishes to experience. I was raised by parents that lived during the Great Depression and possessed very little yet survived by their natural instincts and the help of neighbors. Sadly, the majority of today’s society knows very little about taking care of itself without seeking some form of government assistance. If we were suddenly thrown back to our parents or grandparents time, could we provide for our families in a way as to ensure their survival?

Are we ahead of the curve? Who is the best alternative to the Socialist Regime currently in place that can promote a reversal of the job killing policies and legislation placed upon our country by Democrats, hell bent on destroying the greatest Nation in the free world? If we sit back and allow the media to choose our candidate, we lose. Have we waited too long? Has the future of America already been decided by the apathy of Americans more concerned with the little things going on in their everyday lives?

The time is upon each of us to make those extraordinary choices and step outside of our comfort zones and become those Patriots of old. Our future and that of our children depends on our actions today. Are you aware that we each have within us, the ability to be something we never dreamed possible? It’s there waiting to be released by that one triggering news event that will change you forever. If you haven’t reached that point yet then apathy still has its hold on you, but I assure you at the rate we are witnessing decline and chaos in Europe, that same chaos will be upon us all too soon if we remain silent and apathetic.

Just a few months ahead of us are not only a possibility but a very high probability of European chaos. http://www.channel4.com/news/the-euro-collapses-what-if

A tale about recharging the relationship–and the brand.(Marketing Solutions)(analysis of customer service)

ABA Bank Marketing November 1, 2007 | Hall, Robert When relationship strength is high, the customer is 49 percent more likely to remain a customer than when it is low. and 55 percent more likely to shop at the retailer within the next year … is 1.82 times as likely to recommend the retailer to friends and family.” –Carlson Relationship Builder 2007: Getting It Right in Retail, Don Peppers &Martha Rogera, Ph.D. 1 to 1 Weekly, June 18, 2007 The battery in nay computer was holding a full charge for only about 12 minutes. As I lamented its decline, I remembered a recent article referring to the brand of computer I have as “the Buick of computers.” I have purchased perhaps a dozen computers–for my kids, wife and me–over the past few years and the last several have been these “Buicks” and lately they have been neither cool nor great on service. Note to self: My next computer is going to be some brand other than this. website hp warranty check

With this “brand” baggage in tow, I mentally prepared for the dreaded customer service call to determine nay computer battery rehabilitation options. Let’s see, this will require navigating through copious menu options, being put on hold, trying to understand a strong foreign accent, and being told my warranty expired last month. I can hardly wait.

The dreaded call My call began with the obligatory lengthy menu items. Check. Next, I was put on hold. Check. Then came the strong accent that I could barely understand. Check. After telling the agent–Emmanuel was his name–about my weak battery, there was a slight pause as he checked nay service tag number and told me the battery was no longer under warranty. Check. However, because I was under the service agreement with them, he would check on replacing it without charge. Huh? In a few seconds he was back on the line saying he would send me a new battery free of charge. In my mind we are way off script at this point and I am feeling pretty good. this web site hp warranty check

His next question surprised me: Are you having any other problems with your computer? I was in the middle of mouthing the words, “No, everything is fine,” when he asked, What about your keyboard–is it okay?” “Well, yes,” I said. “It is fine, except sometimes when I hit the letter ‘k’ it does not work.” He responded, “Fine, I will send you a new’ keyboard. Do you know how to change the keyboard?—it is real simple.” “No, I have never changed out the keyboard.” “Well, yes. When I attempt to shut my computer down, it hangs tip and will not power down.

“Your computer has been running really slow?” “Yes” “You need to back Lip your files and then reinstall Windows. Is that something you can do on your own?” I told him I had a back-up hard drive I could use but that I had always had tech support to reinstall Windows.

He said, “When we install the keyboard, I will help you reinstall Windows.” What caused me to change my mind?

Yet as good as those things were, what had the greatest impact on me was that he had provided a way for me to access him again for the next step. This is pretty unheard of in call center roulette where everything is designed to ensure that you always are starting over and thus talking with a stranger. He redesigned the follow-up to lever the information already exchanged and the trust and rapport established. There was already a reservoir of relational currency in our joint account.

Hall, Robert


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