Winners and Losers in Last Nights Debate.

May 16, 2007

Immediately after the debate last night, many Republicans, pundits, et al declared that Giuliani won the debate. A mere 24 hours later, that’s changed.

I’m just going to talk about the winners and the losers in last nights debate, and not talk about certain other candidates. Understand that I don’t quite have a horse in this race per se, in otherwords, I am not backing a candidate yet. This is simply my view of who really won.

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The real winner in last night’s debate was Ron Paul. The real loser in last night’s debate was Giuliani. How did this happen? Very simply, Giuliani had his second straight gaffe. I’ll explain in a minute.

John McCain – Loser #2: As a former Presidential candidate, a Vietnam war hero, and a guy who has had as much publicity, John McCain should be received well by Republicans. Unfortunately, that’s not the case. He has not won over the trust of Conservatives, he did nothing to separate himself from the pack, and continues to be one mistake away from losing this election. Conservatives aren’t even looking for a reason to vote for him, and he desperately needs to give them one.

Mike Huckabee – Winner #2: Somehow he emerged from the pack as a strong conservative, but he would have had the line of the night when he said “congress is spending money like John Edwards at a beauty salon”. Standing strong in his pro-life position, Huckabee probably picked up the Conservative Christian votes.

Sam BrownbackLoser #3: Another candidate with name recognition who did nothing to make himself to stand out. I like Brownback, but he needs to make a move to capture a part of the Republican grassroots.

Mitt Romney – Winner #3: Mitt Romney was the one candidate considered in the “Top Tier” who calmed fears that he’s too liberal. He might not move up in the polls as much as he’d like, but unlike Giulliani and McCain, he’s moving up. He also was the one candidate that looked Presidential.

But the exchange between Giuliani made all the difference in last nights debate. All through out the night Giuliani did nothing to separate himself from other candidates. That was until, Ron Paul made his comments towards the end of the debate. That’s when Giuliani stepped up, pounded his chest, and said, “I’m 9-11″. Well, that’s not exactly what he said, but Giuliani is our candidate concerning 9-11. No other candidate on that stage can take 9-11 away from Giuliani. If a Republican’s only issue is 9-11, then Giuliani is our guy.

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Problem is, by the time we have the Presidential election, seven years will have passed since 9-11 happened. In another year from now, we may or may not still be in Iraq, and either way, that’s not good news for Giuliani. People are getting tired of the war in Iraq, and in a country where every other child is diagnosed with ADD, how can we expect people to still pay attention to terrorist? The further we move into the future, the more all of the old issues come back into play, and that’s where Giuliani failed. Giuliani did not win over Republicans with anything other than 9-11. Giuliani has very thick armor made by 9-11, but inside it, it’s just an empty shell.Where was his passion on tax cuts? Where was his passion on abortion, on anything else? We saw Giuliani the man on 9-11, but we saw Giuliani the politician on the rest of the issues. That was the first part of that failure but Ron Paul needs to send Giuliani a thank you card.While Giuliani might have got the loudest applause in last night’s debate, capitalizing on Ron Paul’s statement, he picked on a guy in the single digits, if even that. Had it been McCain, Giuliani knocks McCain out of the race, but Ron Paul? Who was talking about Ron Paul before last night? The amount of blogs talking about Ron Paul skyrocketed overnight. He probably had more people talking about since last night than he has had all year combined. For a guy who trails so badly, that’s a good thing. Thanks to Giuliani, everybody in the country knows who Ron Paul is. If Giuliani doesn’t say anything to Ron Paul, there’s no exchange, thus no controversy, and nobody cares what Ron Paul said.

Guiliani Loser #1: Some of you people who think Giuliani is the second coming of Jesus Christ may be right. Not only did he not separate himself from the pack, he raised Ron Paul from the dead.

Ron Paul – Winner #1: Lazarus. Not only did Ron Paul sound good the entire night, but when he made an apparent fatal mistake, he stood his ground. Ron Paul showed that he understood exactly where he wants to take this country, and I don’t think any candidate on either side has come close to that.


Up until this point, no one in the field has really captured my fancy. Guliani and I disagree on several fundamental issues (abortion, gun control), and none of the others had really won me over. However, Romney definitely moved ahead of the rest, in my opinion. I'm still hoping Fred Thompson will enter the race, but if I had to cast my ballot based solely on the debate, I'd fall in Mitt's camp.


I disagree profoundly. Ron Paul showed himself to be the freak that many conservatives believe him to be. He may be conservative on social issues--and good for him--but he is an odd mixture of libertarian, anti-establishment, hippie liberal "America's guilt" mentality. I thought he looked like a confused old curmudgeon in the early stages of mental illness. I did not think he seemed mentally balanced or reasonable in any way. And his debating style is disorganized and frenetic. In no way did he win this debate.

Todd McKenzie
Todd McKenzie

How did Thompson go. Unfortunately I missed the debate being down here and a day ahead of you blokes.


Duncan Hunter was pretty impressive, problem was, so were the other guys. After last night, I can see myself voting for Duncan Hunter.


Views on Hunter?


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