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February 22, 2011

It’s kind of hard to follow the rules on sexual conduct. The worst, from what I understand from Democrats, isn’t the actual conduct, it’s they hypocrisy. Take Senator Vitter’s own scandal, in which it was well noted that he was a hypocrite for pushing family values while disrespecting his own family. Fair enough. So since Democrats are really big on safe sex, then we should be able to expect them to always use condoms whenever they have sex and lead by example. We wouldn’t want them to be hypocrites. And you left wingers out there, believe me, the world would definitely be a better place if you folks practiced what you preached and always, without fail, wore a condom while having sex.

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Really, it’s not the cheating on your wife that Democrats take offense to, it’s saying that cheating on your wife is wrong. So when you marry a Democrat, you pretty much know how they stand on the issue. They aren’t hypocrites, they just don’t think it’s wrong to cheat on their wives. Remember that, women.

Speaking of Democrats both leaving the state of Wisconsin and their own sexual misconducts. Excuse me, Democrats have no standards when it comes to sex except not be a hypocrite and wearing condoms… so, their own sexual conducts, did any of you happen to catch the story of one Democrat who happens to have his own sexual conduct come to light? It seems that one of the Wisconsin legislators, Gordon Hintz, may have to register as a sex offender when it’s all said and done. Of course being a sex offender isn’t keeping him from doing his job, it’s the media attention on his sex offense. Hey Oshkosh, you’ve got great taste in politicians. Well, at least Oshkosh makes me feel a whole lot better about living in Louisiana with some of our politicians. Funny isn’t it, Gordon Hintz won’t be able to live within a certain distance of a school, but he thinks he can fix the education system.

Speaking of one Gordon Hintz, his campaign website addressed the school budget across the state, and yes, while campaigning Mr. Gordon Hintz noted that the school boards face “crippling budget shortfalls, even bankruptcy”. We happen to agree with both Governor Scott Walker and Gordon Hintz that “it is time to find a viable solution to make sure kids get the education they deserve”. From his campaign website.

School districts across the state are increasingly resorting to referendums as they face crippling budget shortfalls, and even bankruptcy. Gordon joined colleagues to pass a resolution that would require the legislature to address the K-12 education funding formula by the next state budget. For too long we have been pitting students against property tax payers and it is time to find a viable solution to make sure kids get the education they deserve.

Got that Rachel Maddow? Wisconsin does have a budget shortfall. And yes, the education they deserve, not the education they have been receiving. After all, Wisconsin doesn’t do a wonderful job educating children. According to the U.S. Department of Educations, 2/3 of 8th grade children can not read proficiently despite highest per pupil spending in mid-west.

With a public education system like that, it’s no wonder why so many people in Wisconsin depend on government and labor unions to get things done for them. Kids get an education, you don’t want to join a union and be stuck trying to bully people who were smart enough to go out and start their own business. No seriously, just look at them. Do you want to be like that? I wouldn’t want to be either. To show just how educated these people are, the comparison to the Muslim protest in Egypt and calling it their “inspiration” certainly doesn’t sit well with anybody but the MSM. Even Jon Stewart couldn’t agree with the comparisons, and neither did his audience

Really, now they want to compare their selves to the Muslim Brotherhood? They want to call Scott Walker a tyrant? Don’t they know that they guy running the country, one Mr Barack Obama, is grabbing more and more power for the government?

That this certain President who has given the government more control than its ever had, and in doing so has put the nation at risk of its own bankruptcy? If we want to talk about tyrants, which President thinks he can tell countries they must reinstate a President, who thinks he can tell another President to step down, and stays quiet while others face their own protests? Who thinks he was the Right to decide that you spend your hard earned money purchasing health insurance, and who knows maybe he’ll decide you have to buy sugar, or tobacco? Who dictates that we will not drill for our own resources here in Louisiana. Who thinks he can fire the CEO of a private company, or think that he can nationalize private property? Who? It sure isn’t Scott Walker, and by calling him a tyrant, you to America’s eyes on the guy in the White House. The very guy these Unions defend.

MERRIMENT, MUSIC . . . AND A GAME, TOO.(Special Pullouts) go to web site downtown san diego

Rocky Mountain News (Denver, CO) January 21, 1998 | O’Keeffe, Michael Byline: Michael O’Keeffe Rocky Mountain News Staff Writer SAN DIEGO — The Super Bowl isn’t just about football any more.

In fact, there’s so much going on this week in San Diego that Sunday’s game pitting the Denver Broncos against the Green Bay Packers seems to be an afterthought.

“The game is almost incidental,” said Jim Brown, chairman of the San Diego Super Bowl XXXII Host Committee. “It’s anticlimactic for those of us who have spent so much time planning everything else.” The live music scene alone could make even those most rabid fans forget why they’re here.

The artist formerly known as Prince, for example, will rock the Cox Arena on Saturday with a portion of the proceeds benefiting NFL Charities.

“I saw Los Lobos last night,” said Mike Funes, manager of Horton’s Sports Bar in downtown San Diego. “They were terrific.” Los Lobos kicked off the House of Blues Series at a downtown nightclub Monday night. Other series performers include George Thorogood and Blues Brother Jim Belushi.

Art lovers got a treat Tuesday when several San Diego museums allowed visitors in for free. Irish dance sensation Michael Flatley of The Lord of the Dance performs Saturday night.

There is a free street festival in downtown San Diego that features the Neville Brothers and the Violent Femmes. Geriatric surfers compete Saturday in Surfer Bowl XI. There is a Super Bowl-sanctioned fashion show, golf tournament, 10K race and even a Fellowship of Christian Athletes rally. see here downtown san diego

“People are so excited about these events when you ask them who they think will win the Super Bowl, they say, `Oh yeah, there’s a football game Sunday,’ ” said Sal Giametti of the San Diego Convention and Visitors Bureau.

The Super Bowl became more about spectacle and less about football in 1988 – the last time San Diego hosted the NFL’s championship game.

“The day before the game we opened the stadium so people could see it painted and primed for the Super Bowl,” Brown said. “Forty-eight thousand people showed up, just to watch the grass grow.

“The NFL said there’s something to this. There was a realization that this should be more than just a game.” The main beneficiaries are the locals, said cab driver Glenn MacNary. “Most people in San Diego will watch the game at home,” he said as he waited for a fare outside the Westin Hotel in downtown San Diego.

“People will go to these events, but they won’t spend their life savings to go to a football game,” MacNary said.

O’Keeffe, Michael


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