Do As I Say, Not As I Do!

February 21, 2011

We should have known that President Obama was going to suck when he and Michelle Obama did that “fist bump”. I mean, the fist bump hasn’t been cool since the Wonder Twins used to activate. Speaking of cartoons, Huffington Post pointed out that the President collects comic books and has read every Harry Potter book, which helps back up my theory that Liberals can’t understand anything unless it’s in cartoon format. Will somebody please do a comic book on economics and send it to President Obama? Or maybe a comic book on hypocrisy.
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Don’t get me wrong, I appreciate that the first lady is concerned about our health and the health of children. We haven’t seen good government like that since the Nazis pushed healthier living for the Hitler Youth. Well okay, Fidel Castro’s government decides exactly what everybody gets to eat, and I’m sure I don’t have to go back that far in history to find other examples. And before you make any whiny self righteous comments about my Nazi reference, Nazis were trumpeting healthy foods. I’m at least talking about something Nazis actually did instead of just throwing the term at Republicans, like certain protesters are doing in Wisconsin with their not full of hate speech, speech.

I’ll get back to the protesters in a minute, because while Michelle Obama is out there promoting “healthy eating”, the woman who would tighten your belt by thinning you up doesn’t mind shopping for larger belts to help deal with her own eating habits. Her Ancho-Chile short ribs are only 1575 calories per serving and only 218% of the recommended daily grams of fat consumption. Don’t expect the first lady to lead by example, it’s do as she says, not as she does.

And speaking of doing as they say, not as they do, listen to the Democratic party nowadays. Insisting that other people do with less money, but when it comes to unions, well, no cuts. No tightening the belts there. Just everybody else. It’s what should be called the “March of the Hypocrites”. Listening to the Unions, government should give money to big businesses, but then blames the Right of being for “corporate America”. Whaaaaaaa? The same people who argued for bailing out big businesses now accuse their political opponents of being for corporate America? Can you make sense of that?

It seems to me that what the Unions stand for is for having their own greedy hands reach where ever they want to increase their own style of living, and expect you, even demand that you suffer the consequences of their greed.

Even the President sure won’t agree with the Unions, as he has stated on numerous occasions that the budget must be balanced, right? There was candidate Barack Obama, President-Elect Obama, and President Obama. This is the guy who is supposed to understand the middle class. This is the guy who is supposed to understand that a working middle class family and the poor have to balance their budgets and make their money work, remember?


Okay, so President Obama doesn’t have to balance a budget. Oh wait… Bush what? Oh that’s right, Bush is somebody else who must do as they say, not as they do. Complaining about Bush’s deficit spending, while praising Obama’s massive spending? Can you say…. Hypocrisy? We’ve now got a President who is outspending all previous Presidents combined, how dare anybody complain about any other President on deficits while standing firm with this President.

And where do all these Union folks stand on President Obama’s outrageous spending? And exactly how do you think they feel about President Bush’s deficit spending? I’d say in Wisconsin, we’ve got the march of hypocrisy. You should do with less money, you should balance your budget, you should pay more taxes, you should eat “healthier” and oh, by the way, YOU MUST BUY HEALTH INSURANCE, thanks in large part to the support of many of those (SEIU) protesting in Wisconsin. They, on the other hand, shouldn’t have to pay for their health insurance, they should get it for 1%. Well, to the March of the hypocrites and those who stand with them, I say, “it’s time for change” for them too, wouldn’t they agree?


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