With Friends Like Barack Obama, Who Needs Enemies?

February 27, 2011

I’m not a birther. I question Barack Obama’s birthplace, but not because of overwhelming evidence, but rather the lack of it. Just as I’m not a birther, I am not a certificator. I would not put money down on a bet one way or the other. Put me in the group of doubters. It’s mostly because Barack Obama’s inability to provide the original birth certificate, add to that that the Governor of Hawaii can’t either. All I know is the the President spent his formative childhood years in Indonesia. Despite that, none of that matters now, as Barack Obama now lives in the White House.

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If I were a Democrat, I would not have voted for Barack Obama. Hillary Clinton, yes. Joe Biden, yes. Dennis Kucinich? Well, he might have been too radical for my taste, but I don’t know, I’m not a Democrat. There is a reason why I say that I would not have voted for Barack Obama if I were a Democrat, and that reason is this, he simply had no track record. Now that he does, I strongly suspect that many Democrats are smart enough to support a challenger in the Democrat primary, or leave the Democratic party.

Two years into the Obama administration, it’s becoming self evident that Barack Obama doesn’t care what happens to the Democrat Party. His health care bill successfully purged many other Democrats from having any power, leaving just a few with complete control over the direction of the Democratic party. We might not yet know who Barack Obama is, but he’s certainly not on the side of peace and prosperity. It’s undeniable. For the Left wing nuts who still stand firm with Barack Obama, be careful, he might not betray you, but you’re going to fall from grace with your friends if you stick with him.

I don’t know what Barack Obama’s religion is. He says he’s a Christian so I suppose he is. What I don’t understand about Obama, being such a Christian, is why he would have Christian symbols covered up, or make fun of Christians clinging to their religion and guns, or why he never says Holy Bible but always says Holy Koran. I don’t understand why he’ll bow to the Saudi King, but gives our ally an IPOD loaded with his speeches. I don’t understand why he’ll send Netanyahu or the Dalai Lama out the back door by the trash, yet is more than happy to receive an America bashing book from Hugo Chavez or listen to an anti-American tirade from Daniel Ortega. I wish Barack Obama would give half the reverence to blacks and Latinos as he does to the Islamic community. I don’t know what his religion is, that is between God and Obama. I sincerely hope that we don’t pay the price for it.

It’s unfortunate that this supposed “Constitutional scholar” doesn’t understand the limits of his power as President. He believes that he can pass a law and require all Americans to buy a product as he and congress sees fit. First it’s health insurance, then who knows, sugar? Tobacco? His wife is pushing healthy eating, so perhaps they’ll next decide that we all should buy broccoli.

I am very disappointed that President Obama has single-handedly decided that it’s all or nothing on green energy, and has decided to not issue any new permits for drilling. It seems to me that this is no solution to ending our “dependence on foreign oil”. What would happen if we had a dependence on foreign food? Would President Obama then cut off our farm land with hopes of decreasing our dependence of foreign foods?

Say what you will that the President has raised our stature throughout the world, but I’m most certain that leaders of nations who hated Bush, as well as those who loved Bush, would be more than happy to have George W. Bush back in the White House. For President Obama, who campaigned for President under the guise that we unilaterally attacked Iraq, where does he think that the President of the United States has the power to tell another leader of a different nation that they have to leave office? And while Mubarek might not have been idealistic to the promotion of freedom, it leaves one scratching their head wondering why Obama has waited until the Libyan revolution reached the doorstep of Tripoli before Obama had anything to say? Or why he would not “interfere” with Iran. Or why he told Honduras they need to reinstate Manuel Zelaya.

Even more troublesome is that President Barack Obama publicly supported the permits for a Mosque at the site of 9-11, does nothing on the borders of Mexico while dangerous druglords easily cross our border, and wants to allow 80,000 Muslims into the United States. I haven’t even begun to touch on the many other things that should raise the eyebrows of everybody, even of the hard core leftist.

I don’t know where Obama’s core values are. President Obama prays several times a day which proves he’s a Christian, at least according to Gibbs. I do, however, see why the Muslim Brotherhood wants to act now, they could not ask for a more favorable treatment from a United States President, than the one they got now.

Whether overseas or here at home, one thing is certain. The world is a lot less peaceful with Barack Obama in the White House. Good luck to the next President.


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