“With Friends Like These… Who Needs The KKK?”

May 6, 2008

It seems that somebody was naughty naughty on Saturday, not obeying the masta Democrats and trying to encourage black people to stand up to the Democrat party and say “enough is enough!”

You see, according to some sources, somebody did a robocall encouraging black people not to vote and it’s got the people over at the Daily Propaganda mighty upset… at least they seem ready to whip up on a black guy. That black guy is Darrell Glasper, according to Daily Propaganda. I got to say, I like Darrell Glasper, regardless of his politics, he’s a thorn in everybody’s side it seems like. Louisiana politics would be a lot better of with guys like that.

But in Democrat circles it seems, when you give one black person the shaft, I suppose the rest of them are supposed to get in line. In this case there were two black men seeking the seat formerly held by congressman Richard Baker, and neither of them seemed to get much support from the National Democrat party. Andy Kopplin, a white guy who played a role in Kathleen Blanco’s administration during Hurricane Katrina received plenty of cash, as did the other white guy who had no name recognition, Don “Couillon” Cazayoux.

Speaking of Couillon, has anybody else noticed how Mr. “Conservative” is now suddenly Mr. “Moderate”? Sounds like somebody is already shifting into another gear now that he’s duped the voters.

But I digress, I understand Darrell Glasper’s position on this, if he indeed sent out the robocall. ACT Blue gave the two white candidates 43 times as much as they did the two black candidates. It’s insultive to minorities when Know -it- all Democrats tell them their candidate can’t get money because he can’t win because there are too many racist. Well Darrell Glasper is right, there ain’t no sense in worrying about whether a black guy can get elected in a predominantly white district, when the white guys stopping you at the gates are your supposed friends. At the very least, the National Democrats should have funded Michael Jackson as much as they did Don Couillon. With friends like the Democrat party, minorities don’t need a KKK. Who needs the KKK when you’ve got the DNC? No wonder why minorities feel so oppressed, trusting guys like these Democrats?

Michael Jackson ought to run as an independent, Darrell Glasper should stick to his guns, and the Democrat party really needs to quit taking black people for granted.

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  1. […] Avman is on a roll over at Louisiana Conservative. See, he tries to spin the Cazayoux robocall issue into an issue of racism. He also grasps for straws (yet again), by attacking ”Act Blue” for being “biased” in this election. However, according to the Act Blue website: Contributions made via the ActBlue website are just like contributions through other means (e.g. on a candidate’s web site, through the mail, at a fundraiser). ActBlue just helps deliver your contribution to the candidate. […]

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