WWRD? What Would Reagan Do?

April 16, 2007

I often write Liberal Sermons because the Democrat party seems to me more of a religion than a political party. A party where people will change their so called values on a whim to match their party leadership’s stance. I’ll never forget the day that I was debating a girl on abortion, in which she admitted that it’s a life when the “fetus” has a heartbeat. A mere five seconds later, after I pointed out that Liberals defend partial-birth abortion, she came to its defense. Suddenly, to prove Liberalism correct, the heartbeat didn’t matter.

You can find people like that on both sides, but the Democrat party has fallen ill with people who has replaced God with Liberalism. They’ll worship at the alter of whatever Democrat they need to, George Bush is their devil, and Republicans are evil angels sent here to destroy our lives, earth, and to make everybody miserable.

I refuse to be a medicant who cannot live unless my political party is in control. My life goes on whether or not the Republicans win. I’m not going to march around the streets vomiting, protesting the cause du jour, all because I’m upset because I want it to be my party infringing on every last one of my freedoms. It’s sort of like ‘hate crime’ legislation. Does it matter to me if it’s a black guy or a white guy who kills me? Would I feel some how better in my grave knowing that a guy is spending more time in jail because he committed hate crime? If anything, I’m not going to feel any better if they guy who killed me had a lesser sentence because it wasn’t considered a ‘hate crime’. If he kills me, fry him.

It seems to me, a stupid ideology that if a white guy kills a black guy, it’s a hate crime, but it’s okay for black people to kill black people. And we wonder why we have so much black on black crime? By the same token, it’s a stupid ideology that we stand up for our freedoms, only to surrender our freedom to the party of our choice.

It’s with this in mind that I am going to talk about a fellow Republican, who is a candidate for higher office. You see, it makes little sense to me to point out all the infringements of the Democrat party, and not speak up against my party when they do the very same thing. It would be hypocritical of me to laugh and make a mockery of those who place a higher priority on their political beliefs than their religious beliefs, only for me to do the same.

I am a Republican for very specific reasons. I believe that taxation leads to more infringements of our freedoms. Overtaxation of the people gives government greater control over our lives. It empowers politicians, because after they finished lining their own pockets, they throw chump change back to the people and call it compassion. They more politicians do this, the more people become proselytes, changing their ways from freedom to dependency.

I trust Republicans to do the job, but when campaign season begins, that’s our calling for a job performance review. This time, Republican Mike Strain is asking us for a promotion to Ag Commissioner. A quick review of his record – sponsored a bill to rename a highway after Ronald Reagan, I suppose that’s good, but let’s look a little deeper, just to make sure he ain’t just trying to score brownie points with us conservatives.

Oops, for such an admirer of Ronald Reagan, Strain sure does have a special affinity for raising taxes.

In 2000, he voted to raise our tax bill $620.3 million and in 2002 he found it in his heart to vote for a whopping $1.296 billion in taxes. In 2003, he generously voted yea 92% of the time for more taxes, but at least he was a little less generous with your wallet, voting to raise taxes a mere 88% of the time in 2004. I guess he had to slow down because voting for all those taxes just wore him out. Example of taxes can be found here.

Not to mention how proud he made Ronald Reagan by scoring 46 out of 100 on a scale of conservatism by Dr. Jeff Sadow, being one of the lowest rated Republicans. Or one could say he made Reagan proud by attempting to infringe on the Rights of Indians and their religious beliefs. Okay, so we could let the Indian thing slide, because it was a mistake, or whatever.

But why would this man who admires Ronald Reagan so much be so interested in raising our taxes so much? Or by protecting Bob Odom’s slush fund?

Mike Strain is one of two Republicans that currently serve on the Agriculture, Forestry, Aquaculture and Rural Development Committee which is chaired by none other than Francis Thompson. Maybe they built a solid friendship over the many lunches they had together, maybe Mike Strain was just pulling Thompson’s strings, maybe this will explain a lot of tax votes, and an interests in Bob Odom’s position.

As regular readers of Louisiana Conservative already know, there is a fight in Washington Parish, where certain politicians are trying to take land away and build a reservoir. Land that currently has an old Baptist church and two cemeteries where old civil war veterans, confederate soldiers now rest, will soon be filled with water. That is, at least, if Senator Jerry Thomas, Rep. Ben Nevers, Rep Francis Thompson, and councilman Toye Taylor ahve their way, thanks in large part to this bill that was sponsored by none other than our favorite Ronald Reagan fan, Mike Strain. Mike Strain has also pushed other Eminent Domain legislation in New Orleans, and now he wants us to trust him to end the corruption in the Department of Agriculture? Like the line from ‘I Love Lucy’ goes, sorry Mike but “you got some splainin’ to do”

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