YES WE, I mean I CAN

August 2, 2011

If you are like me and you heard Pres. Obama’s speech from the rose garden, you heard 2007 campaign promises again but yet to be satisfied. This will be short and bitter. If we have heard one Presidential speech from the MMIC, we have heard them all.  Jobs Jobs Jobs, and tax reform so that those who create jobs will be taxed into early retirement and more American’s lose their job. Legislation CAN NOT create jobs, only an atmosphere for American initiative and supply and demand to create jobs.  Are we going to see another stimulus? You betcha we will and at the same time every citizens personal debt just went up to 47k.
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Now it’s off to the Birthday bash and Ramadan while Americans rush back to work to pay our “fair” share of a failed Administration from our point of view, or, a Triumphant Victory for those on a mission to bring down our country. I think of my elderly father who served in WWII, and of my own children now serving our country and cringe at the thought, is everything they did or sacrificed in vain?  I believe the Balanced Budget Act of 2011 is a signed death certificate for the greatest country on earth, by design, and the only way to revive something from death is a massive shock or transplant and pray it works. Our transplant date is scheduled for the first week in November, 2012. For the time being we are life support and our oxygen supply is very low.


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