You Say You Want A Revolution?

February 26, 2009

I’m tired of it, I’m just sick and tired of it. I’m tired of being told that we must help people who absolutely refuse to help their selves. I’m tired of the very people who claim we went to war in Iraq for oil telling us that we can’t drill for oil here in the United States. I’m tired of seeing producers punished while irresponsibility is rewarded. It’s time to change that, it’s time to shrug.

They have shackled our hands with the burden of high taxes, fees, and fines.

They have shackled our legs with laws in the name of compassion, fairness, and incompetence.

They have shackled our necks with debts that we can not pay back in this life time.

And when we try to speak up on our own behalf, they whip us with shame.

We have become the slaves of socialism.

I’ve managed business in the past and have discovered that the key to business success is the people one employs. My most valuable assets were my employees. These were the people who kept my customers coming back, that kept my bosses out of my store. They were my producers. Obviously that would mean my customers came second because without the customer we had no means of paying our producers, and we all know that customer is the king.

I couldn’t always give my producers what they wanted, but what they earned I definitely would let them have. The last thing I’d want is for my producers to be unhappy, if they were unhappy, my customers were unhappy, and if my customers became unhappy, my bosses would be unhappy, which would probably lead to the dismissal of my job, which meant that I would be unhappy… and miserable along the way. That did not mean I always sided with my producers, I merely enforced the existing rules equally.

Unfortunately our federal government is doing the exact opposite, giving to the moochers and calling it fairness, calling the producers greedy and selfish, and expecting the producers to pay for it. Yet there is nothing selfish or greedy about not wanting to help somebody who won’t, indeed refuses, to help their self. Isn’t it selfish and greedy to do nothing while expecting others who produce to give to you? Would you, in your workplace, approve of your bosses cutting your raise to give some to the lazy guy in the next cubicle, whose work you also help do, because he needs more money because he can’t pay the mortgage on his house, which happens to be nicer than your house?

We have people who remain unmarried on welfare while the non spouse is making $60,000 a year, and they stand to be beneficiaries of this stimulus program. We have a government that chooses to side with non producers every single time over the producers, and indeed chooses to spit in the faces of the producers. They do this because of their Socialist ideologies.

Why is Capitalism better than socialism? Because Capitalism can succeed without Socialism, but Socialism can not succeed without Capitalism. Capitalism looks out for the producers in the name of fairness, Socialism looks out for the greedy and the selfish, and punishes the producers. What Socialism promises is equality, fairness, and compassion, what it delivers is theft, war, and misery. It encourages people to take and take from their fellow countrymen and when their fellow countrymen can give no more do they then start producing? No ladies and gentlemen, they look to neighboring countries and begin to take from them. War is the natural progression of Socialism.

I say it’s time to for us to start shrugging. It’s time for the producers to do exactly what they would do in the workplace when they have such a piss poor manager who instills his version of “fairness” and allows sloth and irresponsibility to be rewarded while hard work becomes punished, that is to produce less. When CNBC host Rick Santelli ranted on the stock floor with investors behind him cheering, he talked of having a “Chicago Tea Party” in the same spirit of the Boston Tea Party. (Video at end).

I propose a simpler solution, one that can grow in the minds of the people who produce for the government, a government that unfairly keeps reaching in our pockets to pay for the moochers and the sloths. What if we each took one day of unpaid leave from our jobs? One day of not earning money, one day less of taxable income each month. Why should we pay for a trip to Chicago to listen to a rally when we could take one day a month of not making money for the government to reach their hands into, one day of not using gas, lunches at restaurants. One day a month of not paying taxes or earning taxable income. I’m talking about one day a month to protest the over taxation, and the misuse and abuse of those taxes by our government. I’m talking about the producers to earn enough to take care of their own families and nobody else. Let’s see how Obama, Pelosi, Reid, and the rest of the self righteous Washingtonians like watching the money they get from us dwindle into thin air.

I’m talking about a peaceful and quiet revolution, one that can be done and at a much smaller expense to you. One to be done on a day that the slothful and selfish get rewarded. The first of the month.

Video of Rick Santelli


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