You’re In Good Hands With Our State

September 9, 2008

Restored, that’s about the first thing that comes to mind since Gustav rocked Louisiana, at least it is in my case, others aren’t so lucky. I was able to maintain my satellite television and electricity was restored the night of the storm, but with a curfew and no means of outside communication, I was going stir crazy. I had no internet, no home phone, and the cellphone was iffy at best. Still, I had power so I had nothing to complain about.

In fact, even for those who are still without power, and who lived here through Hurricane Katrina, none of us had much to complain about. Even Katie Couric realized she had nothing to complain about. She was, after all, in New Orleans reporting on the hurricane, but when the levees didn’t break, it was time for her to leave. No news story I guess.

But there was a news story, it does get interesting, in fact it gets so good, the mainstream media couldn’t report on it because there was no bad news… at least to them. I’m sure the people with trees in their homes don’t think it’s the greatest of news.

If there’s one big story here, it’s the tremendous job that the local, state, and federal government did in handling the aftermath of Hurricane Gustav. We knew Governor Kathleen Blanco was a horrible Governor when it came to hurricanes, but I don’t believe we knew exactly how bad until Governor Jindal laid his talented hands on getting our state back up and running. He’s made so very few mistakes, and his leadership abilities gives us a sense of urgency and calmness with zero panic.

His biggest mistake? Calling on President Bush to release oil from the Strategic Petroleum Reserves. Why is this a mistake? Because we have so many refineries down and the others are running at full capacity. It makes little sense to release oil from the SPR if we don’t have the means to “crack” or refine the oil. So while oil prices declined despite Gustav, RBOB gasoline increased and/or stayed stable. In more simple terms, this is like bringing raw food to somebody who has raw food, but not pots or pans to cook it in.

That’s it, that’s what we have to complain about. It’s a far cry from Mary Landrieu threatening to punch the President, or Crybaby Broussard going on national television and bawling like a little baby over a lie, or how Kathleen went from napping to overwhelmed panic in 60 seconds or less. It beats the political partisanship, the bickering, the fingerpointing, that caused Hurricane Katrina to be a man made disaster. When I think of Hurricane Katrina, I think of the disappointment I felt in our government, the Hollywood actors, the national bloggers, and the media that turned that day into months of political posturing rather than just coming together to help people in need.

It wasn’t just Jindal and his administration, it was the federal and local level governments too. Think about this, it’s been just over a week now, barely, since Gustav landed on our shores and Mayor Ray Nagin has yet to say something absolutely stupid. It’s not that Nagin didn’t care what happened during Hurricane Katrina, it’s just that we had the clowns running the circus and Nagin just became a part of the show.

Sadly, and it is sad because we shouldn’t have to say anything, enough can not be said about how wonderful Bobby Jindal handled Hurricane Gustav. This is why we elected Bobby Jindal as our Governor and he delivered with all the promise and more. We can disagree with the Governor on all other issues, but dare anybody be openly critical of this administration’s handling of Gustav? Hopefully Louisiana won’t have to suffer through the partisan pricks who made this state’s suffering ten times worse, ever again. Our state came together for Gustav and now Louisianians can rest easier now with the Ike Storm coming. Still, you better evacuate, I hear Sean Penn fixed the holes in his boat and finally figured out how to load his shotgun, just ready to come to Louisiana to save us from the Bush administration.


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