Yvonne’s 10

November 13, 2007

Seems Yvonne Dorsey Welch loves talking about Jason Decuir’s past, digging deep into his youthful indiscretions, but the reality is, Jason’s shortcoming’s did not occur while serving in the state legislature. Her latest commercial reminded me more of the things She’s done than what Jason’s done. I guess Yvonne doesn’t believe people should have second chances, even when those first times were youthful indiscretions.

Since Yvonne Dorsey wants to talk about what Jason did ten years ago, let’s talk about Yvonne’s ten.

Ten Reasons Why You Should Not Vote for Yvonne Dorsey Welch

10-Ten Months ago, Yvonne Dorsey Welch was in the Louisiana Legislature plotting ways to shortchange the Louisiana taxpayers.

9-She was endorsed by the multi-investigational American Cleo Fields.

8-She’s definitely qualified to work in a corrupt legislature, but not trustworthy enough to clean it up.

7- She has been sued seven times for not paying her bills.

6-She secured money from Louisiana’s budget for the Purple circle social club.

5- She gave taxpayer money to her alleged boyfriend’s non-profit (The Colomb foundation)

4- She spent taxpayer money on a High School alumni association.

3- She can’t think of more important things to do with the money.

2- Before she chose to run for Senate, she wasted taxpayer money to the NCSL conference as a term limited State Legislator.

And the #1 reason you should not vote for Yvonne Dorsey Welch? On July 21st, she couldn’t find it in her heart to vote for the children, why should you vote for her on November 17th?

Plus-size show debut upbeat’

Palm Beach Daily News September 26, 2010 | robert janjigian Who could resist such an invitation: a seat for New York Fashion Week’s first-ever plus-size runway show?

The online retailer OneStopPlus.com put on the upbeat Sept. 15 show in The Atrium of Frederick P. Rose Hall, home of Jazz at Lincoln Center, in the Time-Warner towers overlooking Columbus Circle on Manhattan’s West Side.

The clothes, from the web site’s Belle Epoque collection, were worn by prominent plus-size models, not a size 0 among them.

The looks were on the mark in terms of the season’s trends — fluid drapery, sheer effects, slinky jerseys, a touch of denim and, for some reason, a lot of teal tones.

After the show, I caught up with Precious actress Gabourey Sidibe, who was seated in the front row across from me, to find out what she thought of the clothes.

I told her I thought that everything worked, except for what I perceived as baggy, unflattering shorts worn on the runway.

Sidibe heartily disagreed, saying that the shorts were her faves, especially when worn with heels or wedged sandals. “They extend the leg,” she said.

Lesson learned, I suppose.

Foot patrol — John Zoller, vice president of retail at The Breakers and Kristeen Pastore, buyer for the resort’s Ralph Lauren store, were in New York during Fashion Week to select the apparel and footwear styles to be delivered next February. site shoe buy coupon code

I couldn’t make their morning appointment at the ready-to-wear showroom on Seventh Avenue but managed to meet up with them for the afternoon shoe buy.

They met with Florencia Vazquez, a Lauren sales executive whose specialty is in the women’s shoe arena, at the Ralph Lauren showroom in a high-rise on Madison Avenue.

During the brief appointment, under an hour from start to finish, Zoller and Pastore initially reviewed their order for the resort season: seven styles that will be available at The Breakers in November and early December.

Then, it was on to the new spring shoes. Vazquez suggested The Breakers execs buy a $795 woven-leather platform sandal, but it seemed the price was a bit steep.

When Vazquez showed them a pair of Swarovski-crystal-beaded sandals, both Zoller and Pastore were impressed, but balked at the $1,250 retail price for them.

“Maybe we’ll buy those,” Zoller said, “but then again, maybe we won’t.” “We might buy a limited amount of them — they’re the kind of thing that doesn’t go out of style — but the price is a little on the high side,” he said. go to web site shoe buy coupon code

The Breakers buyers were more enthusiastic about the new Madras sneakers and a crochet espadrille in the line.

“We tend to buy more casual styles,” said Pastore. “After all, most of our customers are on vacation when they shop with us.” At the end of the showroom session, Zoller and Pastore had picked out six spring styles of women’s shoes. They’ll be in stock at The Breakers’ Ralph Lauren store come February.

Second chance — A pair of JAR imperial topaz, ruby and diamond pendant earrings sold for $710,000 at a 2006 auction by actress Ellen Barkin (after the split from Ron Perelman, whom she accompanied to Palm Beach on occasion, before he sold his manse) is up for grabs again at Christie’s Jewels sale on Oct. 15 in New York. This time around, the stunning earrings have a pre-sale estimate of $300,000 to $500,000, which a spokeswoman for Christie’s called a “conservative, but fair” figure that “reflects the exponential increase in market value for JAR jewels over the last five years.” The 2006 Christie’s estimate for the earrings was a mere $60,000 to $80,000. For information about the JAR earrings or the rest of the lots included in the auction, contact Meg Bowen at Christie’s island office, 140 Royal Palm Way, 833-6952.

Face time — Makeup artist Donna Kelly has returned to the island after a few years over the bridge. She’s reopened her studio in the Paramount Building, 139 N. County Road, Suite 9A, this past week. To schedule an appointment, call 346-6373 or visit her web site: donnakellymakeup.com.

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