Our Vision

Our Vision, Goal, and Purpose

“Louisiana Conservative” has always had a clear vision in mind when it comes to helping the community and the world. There is, of course, a primary purpose for us to follow overall.

Our vision includes that one day:

–    All addicts present in this world have a chance to understand and learn about our message. That way they have an opportunity to have a new chance of living.

–    Every member grows spiritually and experiences fulfillment thanks to our group because of the recovery they succeed in.

–    We give service within a spiritual unity and work together to help groups carry the message of our recovery.

–    Goodwill, honesty, and trust are the basis of our center, and this is all possible through the love and guidance of a higher power.

We provide materials worldwide to help those in recovery. This includes bulletins, literature, service materials, and other tools to be used for recovery. They aren’t considered mandates and aren’t required to be used in any specific way. We just want to help others.

Success Stories

I’m a stockbroker, someone who helps direct you to purchasing or selling stock that can have interests to you. It’s a great job, with significant money and benefits. You’d think that means my quality of life would have been great, and there would have been no reason for me to get into drugs. But I did. ~ Aaron, 36

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According to Science Research, addiction is treatable. If you need help, you can call us

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