Cassie Felder For 6th Congressional

March 31, 2014

We visited with Cassie Felder for a few minutes as we did with a few of the other candidates. While we are not endorsing any candidate in this race at this time, we do want to help our readers cut out candidates that’s probably not worth considering. We are not doing interviews with third world dictators, mass murderers, convicted felons, or in general people who have proven their self unsuitable for office. It is not our attempt to give a tough interview to any of the candidates, but rather give our readers a sense of the personality of the people who are running for office.felder

Louisiana Conservative: “What is the most important issue that you want Congress to tackle?”

Cassie Felder: “It’s tax policy. Obviously, there’s going to be the hot button issues. There’s going to be repeals,  ACA and then what are you going to do to supplement what the ACA is trying to fix, which is insurance problem. There are all those major issues but I think that the systemic issue that I want to see congress truly tackle is tax policy . It’s all about we need to get away from the systemic problem that we have with government trying to become the father figure in the families and households in the U.S., they think they are better with your money than you are. I think it’s just choking out small businesses. I was talking with a constituent the other day who had never really [looked]. I had been talking about about tax policy and talking to him about the fact that most people don’t know how much they pay in taxes because it’s just automatically taken out of their check. So he actually paid attention to his W2 to look and he was blown away. He doesn’t make that much money but he doesn’t have a lot of deductions. That money could be huge for him. He can start his own business with that money, there are so many things he can do  that would put that money into the economy, but instead the government’s taking it. So that’s the issue I would like to see tackled more than any other. ”

LC: “Why should voters send you to congress?”
CF: “One of those issues, tax policy, I have a masters in law and taxation. Not only do I understand tax policy and tax legislation, I represent people in issues with the IRS, Department of Treasury, the state, and I see how oppressive it is. The rate of interest that the government receives from you when you don’t pay is unlike any interest you will ever get from a bank and certainly what you’ll get from the government if you’re paying them more than you should be. I see how devastating it can be, and I think that background, the educational background as well as my background as a small business owner myself and as an attorney who has represented a lot of people in tax issues, I think that gives me a perspective that I don’t think you’re going to find in any of the other candidates.”

LC: “How do you see the role of a congressman?”
CF: “I take that question to mean do I consider it my place to represent my personal views and tackle the issues that are really important to me or do I think it’s my job to represent my constituents.”

LC: “That question is left for you to interpret.”
CF: “That’s the way that I have interpreted it and obviously it’s about the constituents. I’m going to and as I’m going out and talking to people, I’m asking them. Here are the things that are on my radar, but I need to know are these the only issues that are on your radar and if not, what are the issues that are on your radar that I’m not thinking about. Tell me, so that I can be aware and I can incorporate those things into how I represent you not only once I’m there but in the campaign talking about those issues, getting those issues out in the public. So, I definitely think the role is to represent your constituents and to deal with those issues.”

LC: “It’s not an easy question to answer, it may seem like it, but do you go up there and stand for what you believe in or do you go up there and stand for what your constituents stand for, is there a mix?”
CF: “I think there’s a little bit of both. I think it’s absolutely not principles never waver. It is my job to present those principles to the constituents and have them know what those are, so they won’t be surprised. The definitely need to know what are my principles and know that I’m not going to waver on those. If there is an issue that is really important to you or some segment, but if it goes against my values and my principles then that’s going to be something that I’m going to have to try to explain the other side of the issue to them but know that I’m never going to waver on those issues. ”


LC: “What commitment are you willing to make to the voters?”
CF: “I would say tax policy. I’m going to fight tooth and nail and I will never give up. At the very least, simplifying the tax code. I would like a complete overhaul personally. I would like us to rethink the 16th amendment, which is for income tax. I would certainly like us to rethink a lot of the regulations and having the money taken out of your paycheck. I want people to know. I want them to have to write a check at the end of the year. I want them to understand how much they are paying so they will keep a better eye on tax dollars and they’re going to beat the doors down of their representatives and say this is way too much. If people knew how much they paid, they wouldn’t stand for it for a second. So these are the kinds of things that I think are getting kind of lost in the talk of all the other issues and one of the problems with the ACA that’s such a big issue, so many of the problems stem from the tax consequences and the adverse business consequences that these huge regulations have. I will not waver on that, I think it’s the most important issue. I think when people start getting more control over their own money, it gives them more control over their own liberty and their own freedom. It will change so much of their perspective not only at the federal level but also in communities. I think people will become re-engaged in a way they just haven’t been in a long time.”

LC: “Easy question, What is your favorite quote?
CF: “That’s a really good question. It is “Give me liberty or give me death”. It’s Patrick Henry. It is exactly the principles that I believe that every person in the U.S., in the world, is born with the liberties and the freedoms that you should have, and that these things are the most important things. I want more of that liberty and more of that freedom for myself and I want if for anybody that I represent.

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