Paul Dietzel for Louisiana 6th Congressional

April 1, 2014

We visited with Paul Dietzel for a few minutes as we did with a few of the other candidates. While we are not endorsing any candidate in this race at this time, we do want to help our readers cut out candidates that’s probably not worth considering. We are not doing interviews with third world dictators, mass murderers, convicted felons, or in general people who have proven their self unsuitable for office. It is not our attempt to give a tough interview to any of the candidates, but rather give our readers a sense of the personality of the people who are running for office.

Louisiana Conservative: “What is the most important issue that you want Congress to tackle?”

Paul Dietzel spoke with Louisiana Conservative

Paul Dietzel spoke with Louisiana Conservative

Paul Dietzel: “I would say protecting our future and how we do that is by paying down the National Debt, balancing the budget, getting rid of Obamacare, simplifying and lowering taxes, get rid of the waste and corruption that runs D.C.

LC: “So it’s not really just one thing that sticks out in your mind, it’s just all things?”

PD: “Look, Washington is broken. It is. So I think that my biggest issue in Washington is partially the reason why I want to run, and why I want to run is because I want to protect the America that I’ve grown up in, that I’ve actually had the opportunity to live and pursue the American dream. I mean, I have a company that now has clients in all fifty states based here in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. And I’m afraid that the children that are born today won’t have the same opportunities and freedoms that we have been so blessed to grow up in.

LC: “Why should voters send you to congress?”
PD: “Actually I had an interesting talk with Buddy Roemer early this morning. I was actually telling him ‘Why should people send me, Paul Dietzel, 28 year old businessman. It really was simple. It’s that I am free to lead, essentially. I am not tied down by Washington, lobbyist, special interests, or anything like that. I come from a business background that I started my first business whenever I was in high school, and I understand what it’s like to hire people, what it’s like to have to fire people, what it’s like to not come up with revenue and have to cut spending, and what it’s like to balance budgets. Those are the quantitative reasons and then for the qualitative reasons, there is not going to be any other person, I can guaranty there won’t be any person that works harder for the district and works harder for our state than I will. I can make that promise that I will work harder than anybody else for our people and our future. ”

LC: “How do you see the role of a congressman?”
PD: “As a servant. As a servant of the people. People ask me all the time ‘Why are you in jeans’, ‘Why aren’t you in a suit? You’re running for congress.’ and I say I was always told growing up ‘dress for the job you want, not for the job you have.’ and I say why do you think I go around the district in jeans and a cotton shirt? Well it’s because I want to be a servant of the people. I’m not trying to go be a suit up in Washington that’s bought off by this guy or that guy. I’m trying to go up their to serve the people of our district. ”

LC: “What commitment are you willing to make to the voters?”
PD: “I will do everything that I possibly can to help clean up Washington and to make it actually work. Right now it’s not working, right now it’s corrupt. Special interests write bills essentially and that is what runs Washington D.C. People are being naive if they think that it was people in congress that wrote Obamacare. It wasn’t people in congress, it was special interests. Most of the things up in Washington are written by special interests ”

LC: “What is your favorite quote?”
PD: “This is an easy one. It’s actually ‘You can knock America down, but you can not knock America out’ and that is a quote that my grandfather actually said whenever he was coach at Westpoint and it was right after John F. Kennedy was assassinated. The press asked him about the game because it was right before the Army-Navy game which is a big game. I just thought it was a very telling quote for a football coach that’s arguably not involved in politics.”

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